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What people say about my readings

Sara is ‘the real deal’. Her readings are accurate and insightful and her constructive advice is always extremely valuable. Sara’s readings have even saved me from making some big mistakes.
Margaret, New Town, Tasmania

Sara was amazing with her accuracy and insight! I was constantly having “aha!” moments as she detailed the cards and what they meant for me. I couldn’t recommend Sara more highly!
Helen, via Facebook

Sara is very talented and very special using her gifts. I will definitely be listening to her again in future, and will recommend her to others. Its amazing how we can use modern technology with spiritual connections. I never believed in it, but now Sara has made me see it is possible.
Sharon, via email

I found Sara to be insightful, easy to understand, having a realistic view of life and it’s curve balls, but also compassionate, positive, and offering valuable advice. 
Merrin, via Facebook

Thank you for the reading Sara. Spot on what you said about my past and coming up. I’ve taken on board what you’ve said to me and take that with me to the future. Will go ahead with next year’s adventure. Sara is a lovely person, highly recommended for a reading

Thank you so much for such an insightful reading it is like I was in the same room with you so accurate.

Everything she told me happened! Thanks Sara! I love my new job!

Just had my chart done, been meaning to most of my life, so wish I had, had it done much earlier in my life. It was spot on, me to a T. I would highly recommend to anyone to get this done and get you on the right path for YOU – for life,

Scarily accurate, everything Sara said to me about myself, daughter and family read true. Totally recommend people having a reading of their own. Thankyou Sara

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