Your Stars for the Week Beginning 26 June 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries Try to make some quality quiet time for yourself this week, as it seems that the demands and needs of others could keep you rushed off your feet and frazzled. This is an excellent time for really communicating your needs and feelings with your loved one, especially if you are hoping to take things to the next level.

Taurus A great week for communicating with others and getting your point of view across. It is not a time for going it alone, as the extra perspective a friend or partner gives while you are trying to work something out will be invaluable. Romantically it is better for established relationships, focusing on the things you share will bring contentment.

Gemini If you think smart and grab every opportunity, this week could bring a turning point to your career and future goals. A make-over will give you confidence and the edge in interviews, so get your resume in shape and invest in a serious business look. Don’t be afraid to use your contacts and referees as they could make all the difference.

Cancer This is an action packed and energetic week. You may find that you are much busier than usual, running after other people and trying to get ahead yourself. Make time over the weekend to really relax and unwind, and don’t forget a soothing bath and glass of wine or meditation to really get the muscles loose.  

Leo Your mind wont be on your work this week and you will wish you could take some time off or perhaps even get a completely new job. While there are real issues, it seems the big problem is that you are burnt out, so before you hand in your notice, try to get some holiday or stress leave or at least make your weekends more relaxing and fun.

Virgo Communicating with others and building up networks is highlighted this week. This means that everything from the local school community to career building will all be improved by making contact with new people. Use your intuition and sensitivity when faced with an awkward conversation, it may be a subtle call for help.

Libra This is a good week to be assertive and asking for what you deserve. This is especially true at work. Don’t try to get too many things done at once, or feel pressured to take on more than you can handle as you are under pressure at the moment. Relationships will be good if you can feel free to be yourself and true to your ideals.

Scorpio Trying to please everyone else and putting your own needs last is a recipe for disaster this week. While compromise and give and take are a part of life, you should not compromise core values or what is really important to your life and happiness. Honestly communicating to find a middle ground and avoiding power games is the best path to take.

Sagittarius You may have a few money worries this week, due to something you counted on falling through. Don’t worry though, as with a bit of juggling and budgeting you will still be able to achieve what you want. A change of energy on Tuesday will give you fresh energy and inspiration, especially where your romantic life is concerned.  

Capricorn You may be considering a major change, which will require a lot of honesty and consideration of others if it is to go smoothly. Be courageous as change is showing very strongly in your chart at the moment and it will lead you onto rebirth and a new, fresh way of life if you let it. Finishing an overdue project will make you feel great.

Aquarius This week, you need to be clear about what it is you really need and want in your life before you can ask for it. Some clear, quiet thinking time could make all the difference to how you feel about things and how you talk about it. Some good moments will come to you in the form of a lovely present or compliment.

Pisces It may be that something that was once important to you finally runs out of steam, most likely a relationship or dead-end job that has been dragging on for far too long. Don’t be scared of being alone, as with your current stars you will attract plenty of love and attention into your life and home – whether you want it or not!

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 19 June 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries You will be in a positive mood and looking forward to something new to break up your daily routine. Taking control of your diet and exercise habits will bring you good results right now. Conflicts about money and priorities will become easier after an honest discussion with a friend sets you straight.

Taurus Your social life is looking to be very busy and enjoyable this week. So accept all invitations and perhaps think about inviting friends and/or family over. Single Taurus people have very good planetary energies for romance and meeting people, so don’t hide away at home wishing you could meet someone.

Gemini Expect a lot of calls, messages and activity. You could be away from home more than usual this week, due to work or family commitments. Make sure that you get some down time to recharge your batteries especially on Tuesday when your energy levels may be a bit flatter than usual. Loving and romantic messages are indicated.

Cancer The New Moon in your sign late Friday night will bring some things to an end but will open up a lot more new possibilities and fresh starts. The focus for this week is on you the individual – separate from your roles as spouse, parent, worker etc. Time to think about your dreams and how to fulfil them without losing what you have.

Leo It may be hard for you to keep up with the pace of your life this week, especially as you may be feeling a little confused and nostalgic about the past – especially if you have been in contact with an old love lately. The answer is to be really practical and ask yourself if it is the old you rather than the old love that you are attracted to.

Virgo A new element will enter your life this week which will break the stalemate on a situation which you have felt little control over. This may be as simple as a new approach to an old problem or looking at a personal problem from the other person’s point of view. Financially things are going to be more stable.

Libra The focus is on your career and worldly status this week, making it a great time to go for better jobs and promotions. For some this may mean that you will be able to start your own business if this is one of your dreams. Look outside the box for new opportunities for advancement as the traditional isn’t always best.

Scorpio A very happy week for love and relationships. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to look at the big picture – there will always be minor irritations, just don’t let them spoil what could be a lovely romantic time. This is a good time for sorting out your long term investments, wills and insurance policies.

Sagittarius There is some good news coming your way this week. It may be that an official approves an application or you are granted a loan – however it turns out it will make you happy and allow you to make some changes. For those Sagittarians with difficult in-laws, this week may see you finding some common ground at last.

Capricorn This week is all about bringing your private plans and dreams out into the world and starting to act on them. Life will start to speed up after Friday’s New Moon, bringing a boost of energy and confidence. Save the big discussions until Thursday as you will be much clearer about what it is you really want then.

Aquarius There may be some news about your place of work – or perhaps you hear about a new job that would be just right for you. Whatever happens there will be words and ideas flying around and it is in your day to day working life where it seems to be the most active. This is a really good time for new job applications.

Pisces This is a high energy, happy week for Pisces people. For singles a new romance may take you by surprise. This may be a little different to how you go about things, or maybe the person is not your usual type – the advice is to take a little risk and get outside your comfort zone. A great week for friends, groups and getting out and having fun.

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 12 June 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries This is probably the best time for many years for you to get your finances in order and working for you. For some this may come about because you need to budget to manage extra expenses, but for others it will be making the most of extra money that has come in and planning for your long term future. Sacrifices made now will pay off.

Taurus This is a good week for love and making commitment. You have Venus planet of love in your sign and the mood is one of commitment and decisions – leading many to take a big step in love. Just don’t let a false dream about an unrealistic love hold you back. Financially there may be some good news, but only if you haven’t been extravagant recently.

Gemini This is a very serious week where what you do could have long reaching consequences. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. It can be buying the home of your dreams but also taking on the responsibility of a mortgage, welcoming a new baby with all the joys and responsibilities that brings. Remember to laugh.

Cancer You have some great energies for love and romance this week, especially if you are looking for a long term relationship or need to recommit with your partner. A friend may cause some upsets through their dramas and chaos, but if they are a good friend you should still help them out. A good week for making connections with bosses and superiors

Leo This is a week for making commitments and big decisions about where you are going to take your life in future. Your relationships may hold the key to this as for some ending a ‘going nowhere’ relationship may be the boost they need to start a whole new stage of life. Good relationships will become much closer and more serious.

Virgo It is better for you to follow your heart rather than your head this week, as over analysing everything will only confuse you and the issue more. Listen to your gut feelings, especially when it comes to trusting other people and what they promise. If you have been overdoing it lately, slow down before your body crashes.

Libra At work and maybe at home, you will feel as though others don’t fully understand what you are trying to get across to them. Keep trying and you will win out in the end. You may be looking for answers in your personal life, it looks as though everything will be fine, it’s just that you have some unsettling planetary influences at the moment.

Scorpio Venus, the planet of love is in your relationship zone at the moment – so make the most of it by putting some romance back into your marriage or partnership. Focus on the good points and why you first chose them – spending a romantic night at home or going away will rekindle the spark between you.

Sagittarius Your relationship zone is heavily aspected by some major planetary action all week, so stay flexible and be prepared to compromise as many of the changes in your life are going to come through the actions of others at this time. A change of job or just balancing work and home responsibilities in new ways will bring happiness.

Capricorn Try to avoid careless angry words and being irritable with your partner – especially if you are stressed about something else and forget to mind your manners. If you can stay focused on what is actually the problem and work to fix that it will all work out beautifully. Some may have to deal with in-laws or extended family – just play nice and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Aquarius Home is where the heart is this week, so enjoy spending time just taking pleasure in your space and your family. It seems that everyone will get on without drama. You may start on a redecorating or gardening project – something which will make your environment more beautiful and harmonious.

Pisces There may be some coming and going in your mind and conversations this week. Just when you think you have gotten it all down and understood it seems that new information comes in and you are back where you started. Keep the lines of communication open with the ones you love as they will help you to keep a clear perspective and your feet on the ground.

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 5 June 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries Expect a lot of calls, messages and activity. You could be away from home more than usual this week, due to work or family commitments. Make sure that you get some down time to recharge your batteries especially on Tuesday when your energy levels may be a bit flatter than usual. Loving and romantic messages are indicated.

Taurus Peace and harmony will be an important focus for you throughout this week, especially in your personal and romantic relationships. You might be tempted to put things off, waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to get started – don’t – because there are actually some great opportunities around you right now if you look hard enough.

Gemini Emotions will be running high on Friday as the Full Moon hits your relationship zone. This could be a wonderful time of love and romance. However, if there has been an issue simmering away in the background – this may be the time that it finally explodes. At least the air will be cleared and everything out in the open.

Cancer You have wonderful stars for love, friendship and happiness this week. It seems you may be ready to take things to the next level with someone close. Moving in together, getting engaged or just changing your Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’ are all possible outcomes. Teamwork will bring success with a work project.

Leo Things could get a bit passionate for you this week. Long term relationships may go through some transformations – especially on Tuesday – but they will be positive and likely to re-ignite the spark between you. Financially, a long-term career plan or investment will start to pay off over the coming weeks.

Virgo This should be a happy and optimistic week – making you feel good about the world. You will be feeling well liked and appreciated by people around you, and may even be given a present or small gift. A chance encounter with someone – or perhaps hearing about something on the news will prove to be very useful to you in future.

Libra Venus in your intimacy zone will bring passionate, romantic moments this week. Spending quality time alone with your loved one will create many special memories, as you will be able to open up to each other more than ever before. Financially this is a wonderful time to start a long term investment or get a loan.

Scorpio Calm communication is the answer to most of your problems this week, especially in your closest relationships. You may feel as though your partner is being too demanding of your attention and trying to hold you back. Instead of fighting, listen to what is being said to you as they really have your best interests at heart.

Sagittarius The Full Moon in your sign on Friday could make you feel rather emotional and sensitive. Try to avoid loud or stressful people as they will really frazzle your nerves. You may also be feeling more spiritual or experience very vivid dreams. Write these down if you can as they will probably have a message for you.

Capricorn The focus for this week is on character, stamina, courage and self-discipline. You may feel tested by people or events at times, but you will come through with your head held high if you stay focused on what is important to you. For some, an old friend or admirer may come back into your life – perhaps through social media.

Aquarius You will have to draw the line with a friend or family member who wants you to become too involved in their problems. You need to focus on yourself as there are some wonderful stars for you this week, bringing lots of good luck and happiness. Now is a great time to take a risk in your career or romantic life, as you are likely to win.

Pisces Tuesday is showing to be the best day to speak your mind and get your ideas across to others, especially loved ones. If you can keep your mind on the big picture and not get caught up in minor details, you will find this week a lot more relaxing. Many things that are causing you worry at the moment will sort themselves out in time.

About Email Psychic Readings


Email psychic readings are a new and exciting development in the ancient world of psychic readings. Until a few years ago they were unheard of, but as happened with phone readings about 20+ years ago, modern technology is allowing psychics and astrologers like myself to give readings for clients from all over the world, answering .

I have received many questions from readers wanting to know more about my email psychic readings, so here is a short summary of how they work. Of course if you have questions you would like to ask me just send a message here

What are the benefits of email psychic readings?
There are many benefits to a having a written email reading. Firstly you have a permanent record of your psychic reading which you can keep and read as many times as you like. It is super-convenient, just fill in the form, pay online and receive your reading within 24 hours. There is no need to travel for your reading – in fact you can be anywhere in the world at any time of day or night and still have a reading with me. Your privacy is guaranteed – the reading goes straight into your private inbox – no danger of bumping into someone you know. Also they are affordable. I answer an individual question for $30, which is great if you have one burning issue or problem.

How do you do email psychic readings?
First, I shuffle the cards while reading the question focusing on the person and what they want to know about. When I feel a good connection has been made I ask their question and when the cards feel right I lay them out in my usual tarot spread.
Then I use my intuition and skills to build up the picture of what is happening and what the best course of action is and the outcome, as I would if the person was with me. I then write this reading down for the client, giving both the answer to their question and any other information that comes through. Sometimes very clear messages come through, which I pass on in the reading – even if I don’t understand it fully the person always knows what it means. Each question is over 250+ words so there is usually space to be quite detailed. I do this for each question the client has asked and then email the reading out to them within 24 hours of receiving their question(s) and payment.
I was a Psychic advice columnist with Take 5 Magazine for several years and I would answer the reader’s questions exactly like this, except my answers would be published throughout Australia for all to see. Now you get the same service but with privacy!

Are they as good as face to face psychic readings?
For some people the personal touch of being in the same room as their psychic is important, and an email psychic reading is not going to provide that personal intimacy and contact. However as far as accuracy and being able to do a clear and helpful reading, there is no difference between face to face and email readings.
Email psychic readings are just a new way of doing very ancient work. When phone readings first came out there was a lot of scepticism about ‘How can you do a reading if you aren’t even there?’ But as we all know it works and email readings are just the same.

How do I get one?
Just go to the email reading page of my website here and decide whether you want me to answer 1, 3 or 5 questions for you. Fill in the form with your question(s) and then pay through the tab at the bottom of the page. Payment is through PayPal which will also accept your credit card securely.


Weekly Horoscope for 29 May 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries Home, family, children and security are what will make you feel the most happy this week. Surprise visitors may arrive out of the blue, which will be fun rather than chaotic, they may even have a present for you or some good news they want to share. Financially you may be tempted by an impulse purchase or bargain.

Taurus For some this will be a week of serious discussions and making plans with others – especially partners. Paperwork and contracts to do with shared finances or investments are indicated, although for some it may be an insurance claim that takes your time. Make time over the weekend to unwind and relax with friends and loved ones.

Gemini This is a great week for introducing your friends to your new love – or alternatively have one of your friends introduce you to someone who makes your heart skip a beat! Whatever you do, do not be a hermit this week. Even if you are tired, you should accept any invitations as it will be enjoyable and may just change your life!

Cancer An action packed but very good week. You have four planets in your sign over the weekend so it should bring lots of fun and action. Charm and finding common ground are the secrets to success for you when dealing with everyone from bosses to lovers. Don’t let a secret worry bring you down as it is soon going to pass.

Leo Try not to be so serious and concerned about the future that you forget to enjoy what is good about your present. Having said that, the decisions you make this week may have some very long reaching consequences, just don’t forget what makes you happy while you decide. A good week for attracting unexpected money or gifts.

Virgo This week is going to be great for money but you will have to be careful with your cash as you may be tempted to just blow it on silly treats which you will regret later. If you can afford it, put any extra money in a savings or investment account, or use it to pay off debt. Any money you use to improve things now will grow like a tree.

Libra Keep your eyes on the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff as big plans and big ideas are what is going to make you feel good. Focusing on minor details and problems – especially in your relationship – is only going to spoil the good energy. An excellent time for either going on holiday or planning your next trip.

Scorpio You may be feeling a little restless and wanting to get out of a rut. This may be at work where the daily grind is getting boring – or it may be your relationship has fallen into stale habits. Try to look at things long term and remind yourself of the good things you have. If you can get out with the girls and let your hair down, take the opportunity.

Sagittarius It may feel as though your life is on hold as you wait for news or a decision which will help you to make plans for the coming year. This is a great week for spending some quiet time recharging your batteries as things are going to get busy soon.  Resting is using the time productively even if you aren’t doing much in a practical sense.

Capricorn Once again you will be lucky to get 5 minutes to focus on yourself this week, which is a shame because you could really do with some ‘me time’. Even if your friends and loved ones are taking up most of your time and brain space, see if you can sneak off and get your hair done or just unwind away from everyone and their needs.

Aquarius This week is great for making contact with potential partners through communication. In other words ask them out or let them know how you feel, or perhaps you should contact someone online. This also goes for married people who will find that sitting down for a good chat and a laugh clears the air and gets things sorted.

Pisces It is better for you to follow your heart rather than your head this week, as over analysing everything will only confuse you and the issue more. Listen to your gut feelings, especially when it comes to trusting other people and what they promise. If you have been overdoing it lately, slow down before your body crashes.


Gemini: The Next 12 Months


Here are the stars for Gemini for the coming twelve months. For your own unique personal astrology report go to or for a private reading with me via email, go to

Life The next twelve months are a great time for you to really get your daily routine and working life in focus. All matters to do with health and the habits that influence it are highlighted too. This is a great time for you to get your diet and exercise into shape. This doesn’t have to be a restrictive diet or heaps of time at the gym, it can just be thinking more carefully about what you eat and the effect it has on your body and mind, and bringing more incidental exercise – like walking to the shops and taking stairs – into your life.

You are likely to have great luck in your working life after October, especially if you are looking for a working life which is low stress and enjoyable – if you get to travel or deal with luxury all the better! Being in the right place at the right time and making the most of the many opportunities which are coming your way are all going to see you get the advantage in job interviews or when applying for a raise or promotion.

Pets and fur babies will bring a lot of joy – the only problem is you may find it hard to just stop at one! Some Geminis may find that this is a good time to get to the bottom of problems which have been ticking away in the background for years. You have excellent stars for undergoing any kind of therapy or self- development, really anything that helps you to understand and release the past, freeing you from the effects of past negativity or trauma.

In short this is a great year for your work, the daily routine and healing both body and mind.

Love Between now and December you will have heavy, responsible Saturn in your relationship zone. This can be great for making commitments and really settling down with the one you love, or alternatively those who feel it just isn’t working will choose to end their relationship. It is either commit to the hilt or just walk away. The main thing is that you don’t dither around doing neither as it is likely to make you feel down. After December, you have great stars for making shared investments and financial arrangements. This can be as small as getting your first joint bank account, or as big as taking out a joint mortgage to buy a home.

Singles have great stars for romance and meeting new people between now and October, you may even be spoilt for choice between two or more suitors! The best months for romance are October 2017 and January 2018.

Long term relationships will be quite serious until December and then there will be a much lighter energy around you. The best months are December 2017 and March 2018.

Money: 2018 is the year for getting your financial plans in order. This includes insurances, making a current Will, superannuation, shared finances with your partner – and there may be an inheritance for some before the year is over. Think long-term and look to being wise and sensible with your resources.

Your social life may be a bit expensive before then – or you are paying through the nose for your children’s expenses. Try to put sensible limits and put the rest towards growing financial security. The best month for money is February 2018, while you may have a lucky win during September 2017.

Career: You have mystical and magical Neptune in your career zone, which can sometimes lead to a sense of confusion about your true direction but also may see you sacrificing too much for the job. Co-dependence can happen in workplaces too, so if you are constantly covering for others and doing far more than your fair share for little or no reward – it is time to either move on or establish some boundaries.

Daily working life is looking good after October, with the best career months being June and July 2017 and February 2018.