Your Stars for the Week Beginning 16 October 2017


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Aries An offer may be presented to you this week, although the timing could be off – making it more difficult than usual to accept. The advice is to keep going in a steady, step-by-step manner and you will get what you want a lot easier than if you throw yourself headlong into it, burn out and feel overwhelmed.

Taurus Other people will be friendly, sociable or maybe even flirtatious this week, which will brighten your day and you will enjoy being around them. Something is going to enter your working life which will make your job a whole lot easier to deal with. This may be some new technology or it could just be a making a new workplace friend. 

Gemini Romance is in the air and if you are single there are good stars for starting a new and exciting relationship. Even if you don’t meet ‘the one’ your social life will bloom if you try. It is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things – this is also good for sports, hobbies and artistic activities.

Cancer A new phase in your career or public standing is likely to happen this week. Things which have either been on hold or not getting anywhere will finally start to move ahead after Wednesday. Beware of letting off steam about someone behind their back as it may get back to them and cause you a lot of embarrassment or worse.

Leo Try not to be too sensitive or over-emotional when dealing with loved ones. You have the opportunity to really clear the air and get the communication flowing between you, but if you over-react to everything it will cause an emotional shutdown. Money is looking good, you may even receive a unexpected gift.

Virgo You may have to ‘let go’ or give up on something this week. It seems that this will be positive, as knowing when to walk away will bring an end to a painful or drawn out situation. A lucky surprise or turn of fate is likely on Wednesday, perhaps through meeting a new person who opens up new opportunities for you.

Libra The New Moon in your sign on Thursday will bring some things to an end but will open up a lot of new possibilities and fresh starts. The focus for this week is on you as an individual – separate from your roles as spouse, parent, worker etc. A good time to think about your dreams and how to fulfil them.

Scorpio You may be feeling a bit low on energy this week. In addition to getting some extra rest, taking some extra vitamins and eating healthily may give you a bit of a boost. Someone may try to pressure you into making a commitment or arrangement that you are not ready for or feel doubts about. Just say no.

Sagittarius This is the start of a deep, thoughtful time for you. There is the opportunity to really think about your future and where you would like to be – both physically and emotionally. For some this will mean that you will want to leave behind some of the things that were once important to you, but are now holding you back.

Capricorn This week sees the end of one cycle and the start of a new. Don’t be too sad at anything that leaves your life this week, as you will only lose what you have outgrown and no longer need, even if it makes you feel a bit sad and nostalgic at times. New ideas and opportunities are indicated over the next few weeks.

Aquarius You will get the help of friends and others if you ask them, so don’t be too proud to let people know what you need. It may seem tempting to battle on alone and keep your troubles to yourself, but that is not the best way forward right now. Children will bring you a lot of happiness through a thoughtful act.

Pisces Ideas about a new business or project may begin to form this week for some Pisces. You may have several options to consider – each of them has merit but you should follow your heart when deciding as this will guide you to the right answer. There may be some welcome news about a child.

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 9 October 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries This week is going to be great for money but you will have to be careful with your cash as you may be tempted to just blow it on silly treats which you will regret later. If you can afford it, put any extra money in a savings or investment account, or use it to pay off debt. Any money you use to improve things now will grow like a tree.

Taurus This week sees the beginning of a positive growth phase in your relationships as the happy, good luck planet Jupiter moves into your zone of partnerships and long term love. This phase will last for a year and bring you a lot of joy and growth in your relationships. A great time for you to share your heart with others.

Gemini The focus is on other people and how much you are prepared to sacrifice to keep them happy. Make sure any compromises you make are fair. Loving, sociable Venus moving into your romance zone on Saturday, brings a great social life and lots of opportunities for happy, loving times with people you care about.

Cancer Keep your eyes on the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff as big plans and big ideas are what is going to make you feel good. Focusing on minor details and problems – especially in your relationship – is only going to spoil the good energy. An excellent time for either going on holiday or planning your next trip.

Leo There will be a lot of noise and information coming in this week but not much of it making sense or being what you want to hear anyway. You really need some time away from work and problem people so you can soothe your nerves and restore your inner strength. Take a good friend or someone you love away with you.

Virgo Once again you will be lucky to get 5 minutes to focus on yourself this week, which is a shame because you could really do with some ‘me time’. Even if your friends and loved ones are taking up most of your time and brain space, see if you can sneak off and get your hair done or just unwind away from everyone and their needs.

Libra Try to make some quality quiet time for yourself this week, as it seems that the demands and needs of others could keep you rushed off your feet and frazzled. This is an excellent time for really communicating your needs and feelings with your loved one, especially if you are hoping to take things to the next level.

Scorpio Jupiter, the good luck and growth planet is moving into your sign on Tuesday – starting a twelve-month phase where you are able to expand your life and feel abundance. Just be careful that you don’t get too indulgent with your food and drink or you could have a very ‘abundant’ waistline before next year is over!

Sagittarius You will succeed in overcoming a difficult situation this week, which will make you feel pretty proud of yourself and confident about taking on new challenges. You will have a lot of paperwork to process at work, but it seems that you will get in the flow and meet the deadline anyway. Home is peaceful and quiet.

Capricorn This is likely to be a very happy week as long as you are able to have some free time to yourself or to share with your loved one. There is a lot of strength and optimism around you at the moment, leading you to maybe take a chance on something that offers you the possibility for more freedom to be yourself and fulfil your dreams.

Aquarius The focus is on your career and worldly status this week, making it a great time to go for better jobs and promotions. For some this may mean that you will be able to start your own business if this is one of your dreams. Look outside the box for new opportunities for advancement as the traditional isn’t always best.

Pisces You may be pleasantly surprised by someone who unknowingly provides the key ingredient or idea needed to move your life onto the next stage. The advice for this week is to keep quiet about a plan until you know it will go ahead. This is especially true if you are thinking about moving house or changing job.

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 2 October 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries News you have been waiting for is likely to come this week, especially if it is regarding money or work. You will be hoping that you can put off, or wriggle out of, an encounter with someone who you really don’t want to deal with. Be brave and face it head on, it wont be anywhere near as bad as you imagine it will be and it could stop you worrying.

Taurus This is a fantastic week for love and being social. Adoring Venus and passionate Mars unite in your romance sector bringing opportunities for finding love – or at least a heap of fun! Parties and just being around people are going to give you the most happiness, although taking up a new hobby, creative project or sport are also indicated.

Gemini A great week for putting your energy into your home or appearance – whatever you want to look good. Everything from redecorating or changing your hairstyle will have great results right now. Don’t be afraid to be a bit more daring – especially in romance – as you will reap good rewards by being a little bit more assertive.

Cancer The way to success with superiors is to use a mixture of charm and assertion. Make sure you stand up for what you know is right, but do it with a smile. The slow pace of the last few weeks will finally start to speed up and blockages and obstacles will turn out to be easily dealt with after all. This will give you more peace of mind and relief.

Leo This week, you need to be clear about what it is you really need and want in your life before you can ask for it. Some clear, quiet thinking time could make all the difference to how you feel about things and how you talk about it. Some good moments will come to you in the form of a lovely present or compliment.

Virgo This is a good week for making plans and commitments with the one you love. Spending some quiet time just thinking things through and planning your next step will save you a lot of confusion and stress further down the track. Romance will be settled and perhaps leading to a bigger commitment than you have at present.

Libra The focus for this week is on expansion and the unfoldment of what you have already started. Remember to be grateful for what you have already rather than yearning for what is yet to come. Celebrate the little victories and they will give you the strength if things are not going so well. Love and romance are highlighted

Scorpio This is an excellent week for negotiating and making deals. It seems you will be able to talk anyone into anything you want on the weekend, so any relationship or family issues should be discussed then. This is not a good time for going it alone, so ask for help if you run into difficulties on during the week.

Sagittarius This is one of the best weeks for long term relationships that will be seen for Sagittarians for some time to come. Renewing the romance and passion will make you both feel happy and bonded to each other all over again. It is a great time for everything involving other people – so even if you don’t have a special someone, you will still enjoy the positive vibes.

Capricorn You may be considering a major change, which will require a lot of honesty and consideration of others if it is to go smoothly. Be courageous as change is showing very strongly in your chart at the moment and it will lead you onto rebirth and a new, fresh way of life if you let it. Finishing an overdue project will make you feel great.

Aquarius You will be at your charming and convincing best this week, making it a good time to persuade others to your way of thinking, although you may still have mixed emotions about a friend’s love interest. Passionate Mars and romantic Venus are heating up your intimacy zone this week – perfect for a romantic weekend away.

Pisces Romantic Venus and passionate Mars are united in your relationship sector this week, making marriages and relationships happy and sizzling. This is a great time for rekindling the spark between couples who have got a bit stale or in a rut. Make the time to be romantic and put your relationship ahead of the house and family duties for once.

Libra – The Next 12 Months


Life In mid-October, Jupiter, the good luck and growth planet leaves your sign and moves into your zone of money and resources. After this time, you may find that there is a lot more good luck coming to you financially, just be aware that the money could be spent or just dribble away if you are not focussed and have plans for the extra cash.

There are two eclipses in your zone of children and creativity over the next twelve months. This could see unexpected or long-awaited pregnancy, children taking up more time and resources than usual and perhaps a major milestone in your children’s lives. In the creative areas, this is a great time to start a new hobby, write a book, or just work to make your home and environment more beautiful and in keeping with your true self. For those people who work or would like to work in a creative or artistic profession, this year may see you transform from amateur to professional or start making some serious strides in your creative career.

Saturn, the planet of responsibility and Karma, moves into your zone of home and family in December, bringing with it a seriousness to your home-life and family. This can be taking on more responsibility for family members, or it can be taking on a mortgage and buying a new home for yourself. This also has great energies for anyone who is looking to build their own home or buy land.

There are some unusual planetary influences affecting your career zone, creating change and chaos at times, but freeing you to be your true self. It may be that you change jobs or even start in a new field entirely. For those who have been out of the workforce for a while, this is a great time for you to step out into the world and get noticed as a worker not just family or community member.

Love The most change and dynamic energy in love is going to happen to the single Librans over the next twelve months. There is some major planetary action happening in the romance zone in mid-February and again in the end of July. This may see you meeting people through chance or fate and it really seems that for many Librans this is the start of a destined relationship. The main challenge will be to see if it lasts beyond the romantic stage and into a more serious and responsible connection further down the track. But it will feel amazing for those it happens to and it may well be a life changing relationship, no matter how long it lasts.

Outside these major events, the best times for singles finding love and romance is between mid-January and mid- February.

For those in long term relationships, this is more about being settled into the home and family life, with some buying or moving into a house together, or making serious plans to start or extend your family.

Uranus is finishing its erratic and unpredictable seven-year journey through your relationship zone in mid-May, and this will make your lives together a lot more relaxed and predictable and calm. Uranus is great for shaking things up and clearing out the cobwebs, but it is rarely comfortable or peaceful. Issues about freedom and individuality may settle down too, as there is a much calmer and more stable and serious energy coming into your astrological chart over the next twelve months

The best times for those in long term relationships is between early March and late April.

Money Jupiter the good luck planet is moving into your money sector in mid-October and if you are wise you will make the most of this once in twelve-year bonus luck by managing the extra cash and resources wisely, rather than getting carried away with treats and luxury. Remember not to take on debt as this will have to be paid back when the good luck phase is over and it may cause you more stress than it was worth.

As far as investments are concerned, it is better to go for the more stable and secure options and avoid risk, as there are some very unpredictable and changeable energies coming into your investments. Also, don’t make any financial arrangements with other people if there is any risk or it can’t withstand changes.

The best times for money are early November to early December and April to May 2018.

Career You have a solar eclipse in your career zone in mid-July 2018. This may bring new opportunities for some, while for others it may bring an issue to a head and make you consider a new choice of career and working life. There are some extra responsibilities showing for many which could impact on the amount of money they earn and therefore whether they stay in their jobs and commit for the long haul.

You may find that the way the world sees you goes through some changes as you get opportunities to develop in new areas. The best advice is to be flexible and open to change as even for those who decide to stay put in their existing careers, change may come to them anyway.

The best times for career are mid -May to mid-July 2018.

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 25 September 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries You could be feeling quite emotional this week as you can’t help but pick up on the hidden feelings and undercurrents between the people around you. This is a good week to hide away from the world and nurture yourself as other people’s dramas could seriously affect you and make you feel ill or uneasy within yourself.

Taurus It is important that you keep track of all the little details this week, as it seems that you will be swamped by the dozens of small jobs that are thrown at you. Wait until you are clearer in your own mind before talking to loved ones about your feelings, as it seems your current mood will soon pass, making a big scene unnecessary.

Gemini Make the most of your home and family life this week, especially if you have children or grandchildren. There are wonderful stars for sharing the love with your nearest and dearest. Who knows a long term irritation between in-laws may be sorted out once and for all. Handy Geminis will do well in home décor and gardening.

Cancer Your partner may be feeling more irritable than usual which is going to get on your nerves after a while. The best cure for all this highly strung energy is to go and do something physical together like going for a walk or working in the house or garden. A good week for working privately towards one of your personal dreams, even if it is just planning and thinking.

Leo There is good news on the money front this week, especially if you are starting a new business, job or budget plan. You may find yourself changing your mind about someone or something that was not as it seemed. This will be a good change and nothing to worry about – it is just the Universe opening your mind to new possibilities.

Virgo You really need to put things in perspective before making a decision, especially where love and relationships are concerned. Look at what your own needs and priorities are – it may be that you are being a bit unreasonable too. Some quiet time at home in your comfort zone will help to clear your mind and soothe your spirits.

Libra There is a lot of behind the scenes activity going on this week. Maybe you will be asked to keep a secret which could make you feel uncomfortable- especially if it involves a friend’s relationship. Things should be a lot happier at work, where you may be given some appreciation and thanks from your boss. Money is looking good.

Scorpio With your stars it is likely that you will finally get something you have wanted for a long time. The question is – do you still want it or was it just the thrill of the chase? This will be especially true if love and lust are involved. Professionally you may get the opportunity to move a step up or take on extra duties.

Sagittarius This is not a good week for pushing for a solution at work or trying to get your own way at home. Try to leave any confrontations with others until a later time when the energies are less explosive. Patience and trying to see the other person’s point of view will get you a lot further than getting angry or making big demands.

Capricorn The focus this week is all about potential and what areas you want to grow in the future. Decisions you make this week may have long reaching consequences, if you choose wisely it will be very positive and bring a whole new cycle of growth to you. An excellent week for starting a new job or business, or changing around an existing one.

Aquarius It is better for you to follow your heart rather than your head this week, as over analysing everything will only confuse you and the issue more. Listen to your gut feelings, especially when it comes to trusting other people and what they promise. If you have been overdoing it lately, slow down before your body crashes.

Pisces It seems that there are temptations around you which are proving quite hard to resist – possibly a romantic attraction to someone who is unavailable or already attached. It’s possible that you are just escaping from your life and work problems by fantasising about something which wouldn’t make you happy if it came true.

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 18 September 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries Listen to your friend’s advice if they express concern about your romantic choices. It may be that they can see things a bit more clearly than you, especially if you have a track record of falling for the wrong type. Financially things should be looking up over the next few weeks, giving you some peace of mind and breathing space.

Taurus Make the most of your home and family life this week, especially if you have children or grandchildren. There are wonderful stars for sharing the love with your nearest and dearest. Who knows a long term irritation between in-laws may be sorted out once and for all. Handy Taureans will do well at home décor and gardening.

Gemini This is a big week for home and family matters – especially with siblings and extended family. Some of you may bring an old cycle to an end – which may be as simple as changing the house around, moving home or even renovating. A great time for getting rid of your old junk and clearing out the trash – if you have a garage sale you will clean up!

Cancer There may be some coming and going in your mind and conversations this week. Just when you think you have gotten it all down and understood it seems that new information comes in and you are back where you started. Keep the lines of communication open with the ones you love as they will help you to keep a clear perspective.

Leo This is a good week for love and making commitment. You have Venus planet of love in your sign and the mood is one of commitment and decisions – leading many to take a big step in love. Just don’t let a false dream about an unrealistic love hold you back. Financially there may be some good news, but only if you haven’t been extravagant recently.

Virgo The New Moon in your sign on Tuesday will bring the chance for new possibilities and choices for you to make. This may be quite exciting or stressful, depending on the size of the changes you want to make. There are great energies for being very determined and having the energy you need to get what you want.

Libra This is a very busy and action packed week for you. There is a lot of planetary activity going on around your sign, so if life feels crazy at the moment, don’t worry it will soon pass! It is important for you to focus on what makes you happy and makes you feel at peace, while still meeting the demands of daily life. The answer will set you free.

Scorpio It may be hard for you to keep up with the pace of your life this week, especially as you may be feeling a little confused and nostalgic about the past – especially if you have been in contact with an old love lately. The answer is to be really practical and ask yourself if it is the old you rather than the old love that you are attracted to. Money is looking good.

Sagittarius This is showing as being a big week for all matters to do with your career and public reputation. Whatever you do don’t get into any power games or underhanded behaviour – no matter how bad the other person is acting. On a brighter note holiday plans will become finalised – or you will fall in love with somewhere you are visiting and want to move there.

Capricorn This is a great week for ending one stage in life and opening the door to another. This may be in your personal or professional zones, but it is an indication that one phase of your life is over and a better one about to start. Don’t be frightened of change, it can be a good thing, especially if it lets you be more your true self.

Aquarius You have some great energies for love and romance this week, especially if you are looking for a long term relationship or need to recommit with your partner. A friend may cause some upsets through their dramas and chaos, but if they are a good friend you should still help them out. A good week for making connections with bosses and superiors

Pisces Your relationship zone is heavily aspected by some major planetary action all week, so stay flexible and be prepared to compromise as many of the changes in your life are going to come through the actions of others at this time. A change of job or just balancing work and home responsibilities in new ways will bring a lot of happiness and a release of pressure and stress.

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 11 September 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries This is a good week to be assertive and start asking for what you deserve. This is especially true at work if you feel unappreciated. Try to combine friendliness and charm with firm boundaries when dealing with a difficult people. Avoid taking on too many things at once, or feel pressured to take on more than you can handle.

Taurus This is a good week for making plans and commitments with the one you love. Spending some quiet time just thinking things through and planning your next step will save you a lot of confusion and stress further down the track. Romance will become more and more settled – perhaps leading to a bigger commitment than you have at present.

Gemini Money matters are highlighted this week. Making a budget and getting your finances organised will help you to save for something you have always wanted or get you out of debt properly, either way it is time to take control of your spending. Your love life has many happy planetary influences this week, so take a chance on love and open up.

Cancer This is going to be a hectic week with lots of small trips, errands and visiting on the cards. Keeping up with all your obligations wont leave much time for fun and parties. Your brothers or sisters may play a role in your life than usual. It may be that they are worried about family or parents, but you will soon put their minds at rest.

Leo This is a great week for all relationships, including those with friends and family. Your love life has some extremely good influences, so if you are single at the moment you probably wont be for much longer! This is not a good time for going it alone, so ask for help if you run into difficulties on Thursday.

Virgo What seems to be just a difference of opinion on the surface is actually due to you and another having completely opposite values and priorities. Try to find a compromise where both of you can work things out, but you shouldn’t give way completely no matter how stubborn the other person is being.

Libra Inner restlessness and discontent may push you to make some major changes – which is wonderful if you are in a rut, just don’t get carried away and throw out the good as well as the bad. A good time for committing to people and projects that make you happy. You will get a break from your usual routine to work on something new.

Scorpio Don’t get lost in all the small details of life this week. Trying to look at the big picture and going with the flow will help you to ride through the minor stresses and irritations of life. Spending some time by the water will be very soothing to your spirit, while meditation and regular healthy meals will give you the energy boost you need.

Sagittarius Even if you are anxious and impatient to get a project underway, it is better to wait until the time is right before you take any action. It may be that you are waiting for official approval, or for a sign that your feelings are returned. Try to focus on the things that are in your control and don’t stress out about the things you can’t.

Capricorn You may feel like having some quiet down time this week – especially over the weekend. Collecting your thoughts and just resting your mind will work wonders for you at both a physical and psychological level. Trying meditation and relaxation is likely to have good results right now, especially if you are looking for a clear direction.

Aquarius Even if things don’t work out exactly as planned this week, you will still be able to achieve a great deal. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to have a long term view of things – you are bound to make a few mistakes along the way, just don’t beat yourself up over it. Your love life will be passionate and exciting!

Pisces This is a super action-packed week with lots going on for you personally and in your relationships. This is a great time for thinking positively about the future with a bit more optimism, also for making practical plans that will make these ideas actually happen. Relationships should be intense and passionate over the weekend.