About Sara

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Hi I’m Sara – a psychic and astrologer from Hobart, Tasmania (an island off the southern coast of Australia). I have nearly 30 years’ experience giving accurate and informative psychic and astrology readings for clients around the world; and also writing horoscopes, psychic advice and features for many magazines, newspapers, television, radio and online through this website and my Facebook group.

I grew up in a family where astrology, myths, herbal healing and all things a bit ‘out there’ were a part of normal life. My mother was very psychic and her family were all healers in one way or another. I started reading tarot cards when I was only 13. I practised hard and read a lot of books and turned professional when I was 22, starting with readings at the famous Salamanca Market. Within a few months I had regular clientele, some of whom still have readings with me today. In my early 20s I started studying with the Federation of Australian Astrologers, quickly becoming proficient in that all absorbing and wonderful art/science.

I spent 20 years writing horoscopes and psychic advice for magazines such as Grazia and Take 5 and various newspapers and other media. At the same time I wrote for theatre and the Arts and was lucky enough to have three shows produced and performed. Now my creative efforts go into renovating my lovely little home and all the furniture and goodies that fill it – a lot less stressful!

Apart from my psychic work I am an avid gardener who tries to grow all my own fruit, herbs and vegetables, bakes bread, makes preserves and love being a bit of a domestic goddess. I live at the end of the earth in Hobart, Tasmania and lead a quiet and simple, peaceful life with my wonderful husband/soulmate of 20 years (and three grumpy chickens). I love to work tucked away in my reading room in contact with amazing and interesting people from all over the world who have readings with me. It is a happy and fulfilling life and I feel very lucky and grateful.