About Sara

UsecropI am a professional psychic and astrologer working internationally and living on the island of Tasmania, which is off the southern coast of mainland Australia.

I was always psychic and spiritual even as a child, spending lots of time with my grandparents learning myths and the old ways of healing and seeing the world. I have over 35 years’ experience as a psychic, beginning with Tarot readings when I was only 13. I became a professional clairvoyant after 9 years of training and practice; working from home, at Salamanca Market and at numerous fairs and events. Within a few months I had regular clientele, some of whom still visit me today. I began serious astrology study when I was 22, becoming qualified with the Federation of Australian Astrologers in 1993.

Over the years I became better known for my accuracy and skills and was invited to be the astrologer and psychic to several national magazines and newspapers. I have been the astrologer for Grazia, Elle, Nature and Health and Good Medicine among many others and wrote a psychic advice column for the top selling Take 5 magazine for several years. I have had regular television and radio segments since the late 1990’s and a few years ago established an online presence and began doing psychic email readings for people all over the world.

My psychic gifts come from my mother’s family which has produced several generations of healers and psychics. My readings are renown for being very accurate and revealing, providing practical advice with spiritual guidance and insight.

Apart from my psychic work I am an avid gardener who tries to grow all her own fruit, herbs and vegetables, bakes bread and is a bit of a domestic goddess. I live at the end of the world in Hobart, Tasmania and lead a quiet and natural, peaceful life with my wonderful husband/soulmate of nearly 20 years. I also get to work internationally online tucked away in my reading room at home in contact with all the amazing and interesting people who have readings with me. It is the best of both worlds and I feel very lucky and grateful.