Your Stars for the Week Beginning 25 June 2018


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Aries You have some great energies for love and romance this week, especially if you are looking for a long term relationship or need to recommit with your partner. A friend may cause some upsets through their dramas and chaos, but if they are a good friend you should still help them out. A good week for making connections with bosses and superiors

Taurus It is time for a very open and honest discussion with one of your friends. Although you may not be expecting what you hear, talking things over will help to sort out hurt feelings and silly misunderstandings. You may need to play the mediator at work as two strong-willed people clash badly over the way things should be done.

Gemini This is an excellent week for getting down to business and being very grounded and disciplined in your actions and thought. Financially you will find that working out a savings plan and budget will bring you peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment if you can stick to it. Your major danger this week is being dreamy and unrealistic.

Cancer The full Moon in your relationship zone on Thursday will bring some emotional highs back into your life. Money matters may be unpredictable, but for some it may mean a chance windfall or finding out you have more money than you thought. A good time for breaking unhealthy habits, especially bad eating or not exercising.

Leo Things are looking good for you money-wise, so make the most of the extra cash by saving and investing in something big rather than just frittering it away on little treats. You may have a change of heart about a career issue which has been causing you worry recently – perhaps it is going to be OK after all.

Virgo There is a strong focus on your relationships with others, especially emotional, romantic ones. You may need to make a decision about whether to stay and work through the issues or just call it quits and walk away. Don’t allow yourself to be talked/bullied into making a commitment with anyone unless you are completely sure you want to.

Libra This is a good week for using the relative quiet to get your life and house in order. This may be as simple as having a good spring clean and chucking all your old junk, it could be as intense as starting counselling or ending a toxic relationship. Either way, make sure you take care of yourself and get support from your friends and loved ones.

Scorpio Trying to please everyone else and putting your own needs last is a recipe for disaster this week. While compromise and give and take are a part of life, you should not compromise core values or what is really important to your life and happiness. Honestly communicating to find a middle ground and avoiding power games is the best path to take.

Sagittarius An intense week for running around and trying to keep up with everybody’s needs – Mum’s taxi may take a beating! Financially you have great energies for rewards of past sacrifices – as in – if you have been sensible and saving up for a while you will be in a position to buy the thing you have been dreaming of – maybe even a new house or major purchase.

Capricorn The Full Moon in your sign on Thursday may bring a personal issue to a head. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it may be that you finally get to express your feelings properly. It may just be looking at how far you have come in the last six months and deciding whether you want things to continue as they are or whether you want to try something new.

Aquarius Even if you are anxious and impatient to get a project underway, it is better to wait until the time is right before you take any action. It may be that you are waiting for official approval, or for a sign that your feelings are returned. Try to focus on the things that are in your control and don’t stress out about the things you can’t.

Pisces There may be some coming and going in your mind and conversations this week. Just when you think you have gotten it all down and understood it seems that new information comes in and you are back where you started. Keep the lines of communication open with the ones you love as they will help you to keep a clear perspective and your feet on the ground.

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