Your Stars for the Week Beginning 14 May 2018


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Aries This is a great week for long term relationships and for making cooperative agreements with others. Giving and receiving presents is indicated – even if the gift isn’t financially expensive it will have great emotional and sentimental value. An excellent time for communicating with others and making plans for your shared future.

Taurus Uranus the planet of change, freedom and the unexpected, moves into your sign for the first time in over 80 years on Tuesday. This heralds a new 7 year cycle which will bring you closer to being your true self and living authentically. Ideas and thoughts which have been simmering away in the background will become more important as you get the opportunity to act on some of them.

Gemini A new element will enter your life this week which will break the stalemate on a situation which you have felt little control over. This may be as simple as a new approach to an old problem or looking at a personal problem from the other person’s point of view. Financially things are going to be more stable giving you the chance to save.

Cancer This is a very positive time for love and romance as Venus, planet of love and beauty moves into your sign on Friday. A serious relationship or deep attraction may start, but even if you don’t go the whole hog you will still enjoy the attentions of an admirer or two. Established relationships will feel very happy and peaceful.

Leo The focus for this week is on your career and working environment, directing your energies towards changing the workplace or improving your position in some way. A change of image may work wonders if you are finding it hard to get ahead – particularly in love. A great time for a make-over to update your look to better suit your personality.

Virgo Your day to day life and routine appear to be taking a change for the better due to some unexpected luck or a twist of fate this week. This lucky change may come from just being in the right place at the right time, also the efforts and sacrifices you have made in the past look like they will be rewarded very shortly.

Libra For a few lucky Libran people, this week will bring news of a pay rise or at least a chance to do some extra work for some handy bonus cash. Money is looking good for a while. Think carefully about what you will do with it, as although obligations like bills will take a good chunk, there will be enough to make some positive changes.

Scorpio There may be some news about your place of work – or perhaps you hear about a new job that would be just right for you. Whatever happens there will be words and ideas flying around and it is in your day to day working life where it seems to be the most active. This is a really good time for successful performance reviews and interviews.

Sagittarius Its’ all about the kids and creativity this week. Expressing yourself artistically will bring a release of tension and relaxation. You can do this by either: drawing and painting with the kids, singing along and dancing to the radio, or writing down your thoughts and memories – whatever works for you. You social life looks great!

Capricorn A romantic introduction, invitation or proposal may take you completely by surprise – especially if you are already in a relationship. Although you may feel very flattered to get the attention, don’t let it go to your head and make you do something you might regret later. Money is looking a lot more positive than it has for some time.

Aquarius This is a high energy, happy week for Aquarius people. For singles a new romance may take you by surprise. This may be a little different to how you go about things, or maybe the person is not your usual type – the advice is to take a little risk and get outside your comfort zone. A great week for friends, groups and getting out and having fun.

Pisces This is a great week for talking things over with your partner, clearing up past misunderstandings and making plans for the future. Communication with others is highlighted all round so make the most of it. You will be able to make people understand your point of view at last which will bring relief.


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