Your Stars for the Week Beginning 23 April 2018


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Aries You need to focus on your finances and getting them into order. Some time and discipline now will save you a big financial headache in future, so get organised and take control! The clear light of common sense will help you to see that your crush is not the man for you – it could be one of their friends instead.

Taurus You will succeed in overcoming a difficult situation this week, which will make you feel pretty proud of yourself. You will have a lot of paperwork to process at work, but it seems that you will get in the flow and meet the deadline easily anyway. Enjoy a quiet but peaceful time in your romantic and home life.

Gemini Romantic Venus moves into your sign this week, making you feel loved up and gorgeous. Avoid being too demanding with your lover – finding a compromise that suits both of you will create the relationship you want. You may be feeling blocked by the management at work, which may make you consider your options.

Cancer A friendship which has become a bit battered over time is likely to become important to you again. Establishing a new and better relationship with this person will bring good things into your life, so work to restore the bond. Take a break from the home and work routine and get away for the weekend.

Leo This is a great time for making investment plans or taking out a loan. With your current stars, any savings plan you start now will be very lucky, so start taking care of yourself financially. A change of home is possible for some. Look at it as the start of a new adventure, because that is what it will be for you and your family.

Virgo Stop and think before you speak this week, as people could take what you say the wrong way and become offended. At work keep your eye on small details as something important could slip through and cause chaos. Don’t attempt deep and meaningful discussions with your loved one while drinking!

Libra Making decisions and communicating what you plan to do will be a major feature of this week. You need to look at the facts realistically and not let your emotions get in the way. You could be a sucker for a sob story at the moment, so check all the facts thoroughly before taking anyone’s side in an argument.

Scorpio A situation which has kept you bogged down and unable to move forwards should come to an end this week. Think very carefully about any choices you make as a result as they will affect you for a long time. You have excellent stars for study and further training, so go online and explore your options.

Sagittarius The focus is on making your money stretch far enough to pay for all the things you want. It seems you are going to have to make sacrifices and work out what is really important to you and what you can live without. Staying home with your friends and loved ones on the weekend will save you money and turn out to be a lot of fun.

Capricorn This is a fantastic week for putting your ideas into action and making progress with your goals. You should have more energy than usual due to the influence of dynamic Mars, so get stuck into all those jobs you have been putting off for ages and feel a sense of achievement. A good week for love and passion.

Aquarius It seems that the mundane routine of work is getting you down and you want things to be different. Making it on your own, being financially independent or running your own business – especially if you can work from home – are what you want. Get inspired by the challenge and start planning!

Pisces This is an excellent week for writing job applications and getting references. If you have to write a report or presentation, you should find the words come easily and that people like your work. If you get the opportunity to speak to your boss about your future prospects and ambitions, grab it with both hands!



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