Your Stars for the Week Beginning 9 April 2018


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Aries This is a good luck week where most things will go your way. Charm and tact will get you what you want, so don’t let your temper rip – even if you are provoked. Money matters will become more important after Sunday, most likely because you feel so good you want to be generous to others and end up overspending.

Taurus This is a good week to keep your head down and just plod away at work. It seems that office politics could take a nasty turn after the weekend as more information comes out, especially if there has been some gossip. Don’t get involved as no good will come of it. Good news about a relationship brings happiness on Wednesday.

Gemini A secret crush may turn into a hidden love affair for Geminis unhappy in their relationships. Enjoy the special moments you share, but think carefully before you throw everything away for them. You are starting a new financial cycle this week, so make the most of it by getting some investment advice and starting a savings plan

Cancer This is an excellent week for making progress in your career and getting ahead professionally. The great communicator Mercury begins to move ahead again in your career zone, bringing good news and the chance to have your say in an important issue. Don’t let stress make you grumpy with your loved ones or friends.

Leo This is a good time for taking care of unfinished business and tying up loose ends, especially if paperwork or legal documents are involved. Be patient and wait for the right occasion before telling your man what is on your mind – blurting out your feelings in a heated moment will almost certainly backfire.

Virgo You will be at your charming and most persuasive best this week, which will be lucky as a small mistake at work may be discovered and you will have to think quickly to smooth things over. Financially things are looking up, giving you the opportunity to clear some bills and give yourself a treat (or three).

Libra Your career sector is highlighted this week, with important news and major decisions featuring for many Librans. You will be judged on your past actions, which may be upsetting if you have moved on since then, but for most it will be a positive experience. One of your close friends will need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.

Scorpio Clear and open communication is the answer to most of the problems that crop up this week, as misunderstandings are very likely with your current stars. You may need to speak your mind about something which has troubled you for a while – the outcome will be better than you had dared hope for.

Sagittarius Money issues will be a top priority this week. If bills have gotten out of hand now is the time to take control with a budget and repayment plan – it will involve missing out on some treats and shopping, but will give you peace of mind in the long term. Returning to study or training will be a good step for some.

Capricorn Try not to take things too seriously this week, especially where love and relationships are concerned. Instead enjoy life in the moment and cherish the small things. Don’t push others to make decisions before they are ready, as a shared compromise will work much better in the long run than doing it your way.

Aquarius Peace and harmony will be an important focus for this week, especially in your personal and romantic relationships. You might be tempted to put things off, waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to get started – don’t, because there are actually some great opportunities around you right now if you look hard enough.

Pisces You will have to draw the line with a friend or family member who wants you to become too involved in their problems, possibly even wanting you to take their side against someone else. You need to focus on yourself as there are some wonderful stars for you this week, bringing lots of good luck and happiness




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