Your Stars for the Week Beginning 2 April 2018


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Aries Expect the unexpected this week, especially where relationships are concerned. Take a second look at one of your male friends – it could be that what you want is right under your nose, you just haven’t given him a chance. Work should be fairly quiet and free of drama, giving you the chance to catch up and get ahead.

Taurus Using sweetness and charm will get you a lot further in both love and work this week, no matter how much you want to tear someone to shreds. Just bite your tongue and smile if you have to deal with idiots. Your friends and loved ones will give you a new perspective on an old problem if you open up and say how you really feel.

Gemini You have good stars for both career and financial investments this week. But you need to get serious or else the opportunities will pass without you having much to show for it beyond a few shopping trips. Ask a money-savvy friend or expert for tips about their attitude to money and investment and follow their example.

Cancer You can expect some good luck in your career this week, especially if you have put in some extra work over recent months. It is time for you to get the rewards of past actions, just don’t make too big a deal out of it in front of a friend whose life is not going so well. Love and romance take a back seat to success.

Leo You will be given the opportunity to let go of a bad habit this week. It may be a destructive relationship that you just can’t break from, a dead end job, or perhaps a health issue like smoking or binge drinking. Whatever is holding you back can be overcome. Your friends will be there for you all the way.

Virgo The focus is on your creative side this week. Even if you don’t have any artistic talent, you will make one of your ideas a reality, showing to others just how good you can be when it counts. A friend you once helped through a difficult time may leave you feeling let down when they seem too busy to return the favour.

Libra You could be feeling a bit irritable with your partner this week, especially if you live together. Work is looking pretty hectic, making you just want to unwind and relax when you get home, which could be a problem if your loved one wants attention and action. Patience and communication will help you to find a compromise.

Scorpio This is a great week for all money matters as lucky Jupiter continues its path through your sign. It may be that one of your friends or loved ones has some good luck and chooses to share it with you, or perhaps your family chip in to help you get something you really want. Your love life picks up after the weekend.

Sagittarius Amorous Venus in your relationship zone will bring love affairs and fun nights into your life. A new lover may bring out a side of you that had been hidden for a long time, making you feel very happy. Watch out for a ‘frenemy’ who is always nice to your face, but who seems to be at the bottom of some recent trouble.

Capricorn Stay true to what you know is right and what you know you need this week, and don’t let pressure from friends or family steer you away from your dreams. There will be some good news coming from far away on Friday, perhaps opening up a new opportunity or a second chance at love. Romantic commitment is looking likely.

Aquarius With your stars it is likely that you will finally get something you have wanted for a long time. The question is – do you still want it or was it just the thrill of the chase? This will be especially true if love and romance are involved. Professionally you may get the opportunity to attend a conference or special meeting with superiors.

Pisces There could be a bit of friction between you and your partner this week, although kissing and making up afterwards will be lots of fun. Something you thought was lost forever may reappear, although if it is an old lover you probably wont be interested. At work, try sharing your ideas with your boss as you may impress.




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