Your Stars for the Week Beginning 30 October 2017


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Aries The focus for this week is on unexpected events and unsettling times. The best advice is to stay flexible and roll with the punches and not try to hang on too tight. In spite of everything you will have learned a valuable lesson and there will be a lot of support from a friend who really understands your feelings.

Taurus Emotions will be running high on Saturday as the Full Moon hits your sign. This could be a wonderful time of love and romance or just letting the emotions flow. However, if there has been an issue simmering away in the background – this may be the time that it finally explodes. At least the air will be cleared and things out in the open.

Gemini A romantic introduction, invitation or proposal may take you completely by surprise – especially if you are already in a relationship. Although you may feel very flattered to get the attention, don’t let it go to your head or be silly. Money and security are looking a lot more positive than it has for some time.

Cancer This should be a happy and optimistic week – making you feel good about the world. You will be feeling well liked and appreciated by people around you, and may even be given a present or small gift. A chance encounter with someone – or perhaps hearing about something online – will prove to be very useful to you in future.

Leo The Full Moon in your career zone on Saturday may bring an issue to a head. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it may be that you finally get to express your feelings properly. Just looking at how far you have come in the last six months and deciding whether you want things to or try something new is a positive step.

Virgo Your mind will be on money and what you value this week, especially your finances, investments and loans. Make sure everything is very clear before you sign any paperwork which involves other people, as there are misleading influences around you at the moment and it may cause problems long term.

Libra You may be feeling thoughtful, weighing up the past and judging how far you have come and what you have achieved. Many Libran people will be feeling more ambitious than usual and will be wanting to expand what they are doing. A sexual or romantic attraction may take you by surprise, possibly igniting a new affair for some.

Scorpio This will either be a very romantic or confusing week for single Scorpio people. Don’t commit to anyone you have just met, as you have a case of rose-coloured glasses right now and things may not be quite as they seem. You might have to put some plans on hold to take care of children – especially if they are unwell.

Sagittarius This is an excellent week for getting down to business and being very grounded and disciplined in your actions and thought. Financially you will find that working out a savings plan and budget will bring you peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment if you can stick to it. Your major danger this week is being unrealistic.

Capricorn A new element will enter your life this week which will break the stalemate on a situation which you have felt little control over. This may be as simple as a new approach to an old problem or looking at a personal problem from the other person’s point of view. Financially things are going to be more stable giving you the chance to save.

Aquarius There is a need for freedom and finding new positive energy this week. You may feel a little detached from your loved ones and daily life, but don’t worry as this will soon pass. The planets are saying that you need more space to be your true self. Be strong and stand up for yourself if a colleague starts to push your boundaries.

Pisces It is better for you to follow your heart rather than your head this week, as over analysing everything will only confuse you and the issue more. Listen to your gut feelings, especially when it comes to trusting other people and what they promise. If you have been overdoing it lately, slow down before you crash.

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