Your Stars for the Week Beginning 23 October 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries Be careful about what you say and who you say to this weekend. Sharing secrets or even just sharing private things may not be a good idea – particularly if the internet is involved. Try not to worry about things you can’t change, especially if you don’t know all the facts – it seems that in a few weeks the problem will be solved or made clear.

Taurus There may be some news about your place of work – or perhaps you hear about a new job that would be just right for you. Whatever happens there will be words and ideas flying around and it is in your day to day working life where it seems to be the most active. This is a really excellent time for successful reviews and applications.

Gemini A long simmering attraction may start to heat up into something more substantial this week. A first date, or just time alone together, may be the start of a new romance – or perhaps a secret affair. Work and money matters are looking up for you at the moment, so don’t forget to make the most of your opportunities.

Cancer A very happy week for love and relationships. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to look at the big picture – there will always be minor irritations, just don’t let them spoil what could be a lovely romantic time. This is a good time for sorting out your long term investments, wills and insurance policies.

Leo There is a lot to be said for staying quiet and listening to others rather than giving your opinion just yet. It seems that there is more information to come out – especially at work- and you will come off a lot better if you just wait for a while. Long term relationships may get a new lease on life if you break out of the routine together.

Virgo You may feel like having some quiet down time this week – especially over the weekend. Collecting your thoughts and just resting your mind will work wonders for you. Trying meditation and relaxation is likely to have good results right now, especially if you are looking for a clear direction or solution to a problem.

Libra You may be pleasantly surprised by someone who unknowingly provides the key ingredient or idea needed to move your life onto the next stage. The advice for this week is to keep quiet about a plan until you know it will go ahead. This is especially true if you are thinking about moving house or changing job – the big stuff.

Scorpio This should be a happy and optimistic week – making you feel good about the world. You will be feeling well liked and appreciated by people around you, and may even be given a present or small gift. A chance encounter with someone – or perhaps hearing about something on the news will prove to be very useful to you in future.

Sagittarius Listen to what a friend has to tell you about their gut feelings as it seems they might be right on the money, especially if it involves your relationship. It may be that they have heard something – don’t worry it might be good! Children will take up a lot of your time but there will be some special, loving moments too.

Capricorn There is some good news coming your way this week. It may be that an official approves an application or you are granted a loan – however it turns out it will make you happy and allow you to make some changes. For those Capricorns with difficult family or in-laws, this week may see you finding some common ground at last.

Aquarius The focus for this week is on character, stamina, courage and self-discipline. You may feel tested by people or events at times, but you will come through with your head held high if you stay focused on what is important to you. For some, an old friend or admirer may come back into your life – perhaps through social media.

Pisces This is a good time for making plans for your long term finances, everything from superannuation to insurance and wills. Get some expert help and do lots of research as you have very good stars for investments right now. The planet of love in your intimacy zone may excite your passionate side and turn up the heat in the bedroom.


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