Libra – The Next 12 Months


Life In mid-October, Jupiter, the good luck and growth planet leaves your sign and moves into your zone of money and resources. After this time, you may find that there is a lot more good luck coming to you financially, just be aware that the money could be spent or just dribble away if you are not focussed and have plans for the extra cash.

There are two eclipses in your zone of children and creativity over the next twelve months. This could see unexpected or long-awaited pregnancy, children taking up more time and resources than usual and perhaps a major milestone in your children’s lives. In the creative areas, this is a great time to start a new hobby, write a book, or just work to make your home and environment more beautiful and in keeping with your true self. For those people who work or would like to work in a creative or artistic profession, this year may see you transform from amateur to professional or start making some serious strides in your creative career.

Saturn, the planet of responsibility and Karma, moves into your zone of home and family in December, bringing with it a seriousness to your home-life and family. This can be taking on more responsibility for family members, or it can be taking on a mortgage and buying a new home for yourself. This also has great energies for anyone who is looking to build their own home or buy land.

There are some unusual planetary influences affecting your career zone, creating change and chaos at times, but freeing you to be your true self. It may be that you change jobs or even start in a new field entirely. For those who have been out of the workforce for a while, this is a great time for you to step out into the world and get noticed as a worker not just family or community member.

Love The most change and dynamic energy in love is going to happen to the single Librans over the next twelve months. There is some major planetary action happening in the romance zone in mid-February and again in the end of July. This may see you meeting people through chance or fate and it really seems that for many Librans this is the start of a destined relationship. The main challenge will be to see if it lasts beyond the romantic stage and into a more serious and responsible connection further down the track. But it will feel amazing for those it happens to and it may well be a life changing relationship, no matter how long it lasts.

Outside these major events, the best times for singles finding love and romance is between mid-January and mid- February.

For those in long term relationships, this is more about being settled into the home and family life, with some buying or moving into a house together, or making serious plans to start or extend your family.

Uranus is finishing its erratic and unpredictable seven-year journey through your relationship zone in mid-May, and this will make your lives together a lot more relaxed and predictable and calm. Uranus is great for shaking things up and clearing out the cobwebs, but it is rarely comfortable or peaceful. Issues about freedom and individuality may settle down too, as there is a much calmer and more stable and serious energy coming into your astrological chart over the next twelve months

The best times for those in long term relationships is between early March and late April.

Money Jupiter the good luck planet is moving into your money sector in mid-October and if you are wise you will make the most of this once in twelve-year bonus luck by managing the extra cash and resources wisely, rather than getting carried away with treats and luxury. Remember not to take on debt as this will have to be paid back when the good luck phase is over and it may cause you more stress than it was worth.

As far as investments are concerned, it is better to go for the more stable and secure options and avoid risk, as there are some very unpredictable and changeable energies coming into your investments. Also, don’t make any financial arrangements with other people if there is any risk or it can’t withstand changes.

The best times for money are early November to early December and April to May 2018.

Career You have a solar eclipse in your career zone in mid-July 2018. This may bring new opportunities for some, while for others it may bring an issue to a head and make you consider a new choice of career and working life. There are some extra responsibilities showing for many which could impact on the amount of money they earn and therefore whether they stay in their jobs and commit for the long haul.

You may find that the way the world sees you goes through some changes as you get opportunities to develop in new areas. The best advice is to be flexible and open to change as even for those who decide to stay put in their existing careers, change may come to them anyway.

The best times for career are mid -May to mid-July 2018.

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