Your Stars for the Week Beginning 18 September 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Aries Listen to your friend’s advice if they express concern about your romantic choices. It may be that they can see things a bit more clearly than you, especially if you have a track record of falling for the wrong type. Financially things should be looking up over the next few weeks, giving you some peace of mind and breathing space.

Taurus Make the most of your home and family life this week, especially if you have children or grandchildren. There are wonderful stars for sharing the love with your nearest and dearest. Who knows a long term irritation between in-laws may be sorted out once and for all. Handy Taureans will do well at home décor and gardening.

Gemini This is a big week for home and family matters – especially with siblings and extended family. Some of you may bring an old cycle to an end – which may be as simple as changing the house around, moving home or even renovating. A great time for getting rid of your old junk and clearing out the trash – if you have a garage sale you will clean up!

Cancer There may be some coming and going in your mind and conversations this week. Just when you think you have gotten it all down and understood it seems that new information comes in and you are back where you started. Keep the lines of communication open with the ones you love as they will help you to keep a clear perspective.

Leo This is a good week for love and making commitment. You have Venus planet of love in your sign and the mood is one of commitment and decisions – leading many to take a big step in love. Just don’t let a false dream about an unrealistic love hold you back. Financially there may be some good news, but only if you haven’t been extravagant recently.

Virgo The New Moon in your sign on Tuesday will bring the chance for new possibilities and choices for you to make. This may be quite exciting or stressful, depending on the size of the changes you want to make. There are great energies for being very determined and having the energy you need to get what you want.

Libra This is a very busy and action packed week for you. There is a lot of planetary activity going on around your sign, so if life feels crazy at the moment, don’t worry it will soon pass! It is important for you to focus on what makes you happy and makes you feel at peace, while still meeting the demands of daily life. The answer will set you free.

Scorpio It may be hard for you to keep up with the pace of your life this week, especially as you may be feeling a little confused and nostalgic about the past – especially if you have been in contact with an old love lately. The answer is to be really practical and ask yourself if it is the old you rather than the old love that you are attracted to. Money is looking good.

Sagittarius This is showing as being a big week for all matters to do with your career and public reputation. Whatever you do don’t get into any power games or underhanded behaviour – no matter how bad the other person is acting. On a brighter note holiday plans will become finalised – or you will fall in love with somewhere you are visiting and want to move there.

Capricorn This is a great week for ending one stage in life and opening the door to another. This may be in your personal or professional zones, but it is an indication that one phase of your life is over and a better one about to start. Don’t be frightened of change, it can be a good thing, especially if it lets you be more your true self.

Aquarius You have some great energies for love and romance this week, especially if you are looking for a long term relationship or need to recommit with your partner. A friend may cause some upsets through their dramas and chaos, but if they are a good friend you should still help them out. A good week for making connections with bosses and superiors

Pisces Your relationship zone is heavily aspected by some major planetary action all week, so stay flexible and be prepared to compromise as many of the changes in your life are going to come through the actions of others at this time. A change of job or just balancing work and home responsibilities in new ways will bring a lot of happiness and a release of pressure and stress.

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