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Email psychic readings are a new and exciting development in the ancient world of psychic readings. Until a few years ago they were unheard of, but as happened with phone readings about 20+ years ago, modern technology is allowing psychics and astrologers like myself to give readings for clients from all over the world, answering .

I have received many questions from readers wanting to know more about my email psychic readings, so here is a short summary of how they work. Of course if you have questions you would like to ask me just send a message here

What are the benefits of email psychic readings?
There are many benefits to a having a written email reading. Firstly you have a permanent record of your psychic reading which you can keep and read as many times as you like. It is super-convenient, just fill in the form, pay online and receive your reading within 24 hours. There is no need to travel for your reading – in fact you can be anywhere in the world at any time of day or night and still have a reading with me. Your privacy is guaranteed – the reading goes straight into your private inbox – no danger of bumping into someone you know. Also they are affordable. I answer an individual question for $30, which is great if you have one burning issue or problem.

How do you do email psychic readings?
First, I shuffle the cards while reading the question focusing on the person and what they want to know about. When I feel a good connection has been made I ask their question and when the cards feel right I lay them out in my usual tarot spread.
Then I use my intuition and skills to build up the picture of what is happening and what the best course of action is and the outcome, as I would if the person was with me. I then write this reading down for the client, giving both the answer to their question and any other information that comes through. Sometimes very clear messages come through, which I pass on in the reading – even if I don’t understand it fully the person always knows what it means. Each question is over 250+ words so there is usually space to be quite detailed. I do this for each question the client has asked and then email the reading out to them within 24 hours of receiving their question(s) and payment.
I was a Psychic advice columnist with Take 5 Magazine for several years and I would answer the reader’s questions exactly like this, except my answers would be published throughout Australia for all to see. Now you get the same service but with privacy!

Are they as good as face to face psychic readings?
For some people the personal touch of being in the same room as their psychic is important, and an email psychic reading is not going to provide that personal intimacy and contact. However as far as accuracy and being able to do a clear and helpful reading, there is no difference between face to face and email readings.
Email psychic readings are just a new way of doing very ancient work. When phone readings first came out there was a lot of scepticism about ‘How can you do a reading if you aren’t even there?’ But as we all know it works and email readings are just the same.

How do I get one?
Just go to the email reading page of my website here and decide whether you want me to answer 1, 3 or 5 questions for you. Fill in the form with your question(s) and then pay through the tab at the bottom of the page. Payment is through PayPal which will also accept your credit card securely.


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