Taurus – The Next 12 Months


Life This period starts with some really good energies for getting ahead at work and even getting pay-rises or better conditions and perks of the job. It may be very possible that you have more than one job or perhaps a regular day job and a small business you run from home as well. It is a good time for growth in your working life and daily routine.

Another area which is well aspected is your health and lifestyle. Until October you will get great results from eating more healthily and balancing your lifestyle with work, rest and fun. Otherwise there may be a tendency to over-indulge and become lazy – with the health impacts that result from that – so don’t overdo it – moderation is essential.

All of your one on one relationships will be under good planetary influences from October onwards. These can be romantic relationships of course, but also business partnerships, work relationships and all areas where you deal with others – including enemies and people you can’t stand- are going to positively affected. This is not the best time for going it alone as the best luck will come to you through others and by working in partnership.

From mid-December onwards you will be in a position to make your dreams of travel of moving away become a reality. The opportunity will most likely come through you having done the right thing and been disciplined rather than through chance or luck – but you look as though you will be able to manifest travel and movement into your life.

There is also advice for you to avoid legal problems as they are unlikely to be favourable to you or may be more trouble than they are worth.

Love After mid-October this year, you will have Jupiter the good luck planet moving into your relationship zone, bringing good fortune and happiness to your personal partnerships. This is a once in 12 year opportunity to find that special long term partner or to really enjoy the good things about the relationship you already have.

The best times for singles over the next twelve months are: late September through to mid-October, while intimacy and passion are highlighted throughout January and February.

For those Taurus people in long term relationships there is the opportunity to grow and be lucky through their partner and relationship, with the best times for your romantic life happening in November and after October in general.

Money For the most part there are no bad influences around the money that you earn this year, however there may be some restrictions on what you can borrow or at least you should think very carefully before taking on any long-term investments or financial obligations. Best times for money are: early July through to late August, with luck on your side in September.

Career The Lunar eclipse in early August takes place right in your career zone, bringing the energy to a peak, and with it opportunities to advance in your career or to strike out in a whole new direction. There is a strong feeling of independence here so perhaps your own business will appeal to some. Best times for career are: January and early February.

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