Aries – The Next 12 Months


A look at life, love, money and career for Aries over the next twelve months. For a personal reading with me go to

Life Freedom loving and sometimes rebellious Uranus is reaching the end of its seven year journey through your sign next year, but is still spreading its energy through your life for the next twelve months. You may experience the urge to have an independent life outside your work and family, as your need to be your authentic true self is likely to be strong. It is important that you don’t make any rushed or big changes on impulse, as there may be a tendency to throw out things which you may regret later when this cycle is over.

Your friendship zone will be affected by two eclipses over the next twelve months, one affecting your emotions on 7th August and one affecting your sense of self on 31 January 2018. This may involve you meeting new friends who make an impact on your life and introduce you to new groups. This is also a great year for getting in touch with like-minded people who have shared values or goals, they will help you to find yourself if you feel a bit lost before mid-June.

You are likely to experience good fortune through something good happening to someone close in your life, it may be that they want to share their luck with you or you will just enjoy some new and unusual experiences through them. While you may have the urge to go it alone and be free to do what you want when you want, there is a strong theme of good things coming through your relationships with others – whether they are friends, family or co-workers- so don’t shut people out or try to do it all on your own.

Love  Between now and early October you will have lucky Jupiter in your relationship zone. This is not only good for luck in love but also may signify a partner who expands your horizons and makes you feel wonderful.

You may feel more of a need for freedom and to be yourself and not really want the commitment of relationships – or at least you will need your space and a level of independence within love. You are also more likely to be attracted to people who are different to your usual type and this may also open up new ways of life and experience for you.

The best times for singles over the next twelve months are: late August through to late September, while passionate flings are highlighted in from early December through to late January – so it looks like Summer is going to sizzle this year!

For those Aries in long term relationships there is the opportunity to grow and be lucky through their love life, with the best times for your relationship happening in mid-October through to early November.

Money From October onwards you will be starting a two year cycle which is lucky for money and property you share with your partner, inheritances, loans and all unearned money. A great time for investments and making big purchases like houses which involve a long term financial commitment and relationship with your bank. Best times for money are: June through to July and November through to December.

Career Serious Saturn moves into your career zone in December bringing with it the opportunity to really reap the rewards of your past work and sacrifices. If you have not been serious with your career in the past, the next two and a half years will give you the opportunity to buckle down and make some progress. Excellent for promotion and for taking your career to the next stage.

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