Horoscope for the week beginning 13 March 2017


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Aries Try to make some quality quiet time for yourself this week, as it seems that the demands and needs of others will keep you rushed off your feet. This is an excellent time for really communicating with your loved one, especially if you are hoping to take things to the next level or progress one of your dreams.

Taurus Even if you may feel anxious and impatient to get a project underway this week, you will need to wait until the time is right before you can take any action. It may be that you are waiting for official approval, more information, or for a sign that your feelings are returned. Whatever you do, don’t rush anything!

Gemini Your stars are excellent for love, friendship and passion this week. This is a good time for joining a sports or social group as it will introduce you to new people and get you out of a boring rut if you are feeling stale.  Romantic relationships will be very happy and free from stress, not to mention sizzling hot!

Cancer This is not a great time for health matters, so if you have been pushing your body too hard lately, you may start to feel the effects this week. Take care of yourself by resting and avoiding stress as much as possible. Learning how to meditate will improve your mood and help you to relax peacefully.

Leo This is a good week to be assertive and start asking for what you deserve from others. This is especially true at work, especially if you feel that your efforts haven’t been appreciated properly. Don’t try to get too many things done at once, or feel pressured to take on more than you can handle, most things can wait.

Virgo You really need to put things in perspective before making a decision, especially where love and relationships are concerned. Look at what your own needs and priorities are – it may be that you are being a bit unreasonable too. Some quiet time at home in your comfort zone will help to clear your mind.

Libra This is a very good week for love and long term relationships. It seems that many of the minor problems have been smoothed away as you both begin to settle down. Single Librans may meet a new romantic interest through a friend – just don’t rush into any big commitments before you get to know them properly.

Scorpio You will succeed in overcoming a difficult situation this week, which will make you feel pretty proud of yourself. You may have a lot of paperwork to process, but it seems that you will get in the flow and meet the deadline anyway. Enjoy a quiet but peaceful time in your romantic life, communication is everything right now.

Sagittarius Taking the time to talk things over and clear the air will pay off big time in your love life. For singles, ignore looks and concentrate instead on how well you can communicate together and whether you have the same values. Work will be challenging and demanding at times, but will soon settle down again.

Capricorn A friendship which has become a bit battered over time is likely to become important to you again. Establishing a new and better relationship with this person will bring good things into your life, so work to restore the bond. Take a break from the home and work routine and get away for the weekend.

Aquarius It seems that the mundane routine of work is getting you down and you want things to be different. Making it on your own, being financially independent or running your own business – especially if you can work from home – are what you want. Get inspired by the challenge and start planning!

Pisces Try not to let little irritations get under your skin this week, even though you may be feeling a bit more sensitive to other peoples’ dramas than usual. Problems with transport may cause delays and eat into your spending money – make sure you stay under the speed limit or it could be expensive!



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