Weekly Horoscope 13 February 2017


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to www.stargold.com.au/email-readings/

Aries This should be a happy week and you should be looking and feeling great as beautiful Venus travels through your zone of physical appearance. On a different note, this is a good time for following your own advice and what you know is right for you and ignoring those people who would try to talk you out of it.

Taurus This is a good week to be assertive and asking for what you deserve. This is especially true at work. Don’t try to get too many things done at once, or feel pressured to take on more than you can handle as you are under pressure at the moment. Relationships will be good if you can feel free to be yourself and true to your ideals.

Gemini News you have been waiting for is likely to come this week, especially if it is regarding money or work. You will be hoping that you can put off, or wriggle out of, an encounter with someone who you really don’t want to deal with. Be brave and face it head on, it wont be anywhere near as bad as you imagine it.

Cancer Even if things don’t work out exactly as planned this week, you will still be able to achieve a great deal. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to have a long-term view of things – you are bound to make a few mistakes along the way, just don’t beat yourself up over it. Your love life will be passionate and exciting!

Leo Communication could be a bit of a problem this week, especially if you are waiting for news or an important message from someone. The energy shifts forwards on Tuesday so talking things over and finding out the information you need will be easier after then. Home and family life will be particularly rewarding and enjoyable.

Virgo A new love may enter your life, or an existing relationship will recapture the spark of the early days. Your love life is going to be intense and passionate this week, so make sure you and your man get to spend some quality time alone to make the most of these stars! Splurge on some hot lingerie, or just be extra caring and romantic.

Libra Romantic Venus and passionate Mars are travelling through your relationship sector this week, making marriages and relationships happy and sizzling. This is a great time for rekindling the spark between couples who have got a bit stale or in a rut. Make the time to be romantic and put your relationship ahead of all the obligations of daily life.

Scorpio A great week for communicating with others and getting your point of view across. It is not a time for going it alone, as the extra perspective a friend or partner gives while you are trying to work something out will be invaluable. Romantically it is better for established relationships, focusing on the things you share will bring contentment.

Sagittarius Career matters will be a highlight for some Sagittarians this week. Wait until after Wednesday before you put in applications or ask your boss for a raise etc. The planetary vibes will be a lot happier after then. Romantically you may receive an invitation which surprises and flatters you – even if you have no intention of accepting.

Capricorn It is time to be kind to your body and mind, and lower your unrealistic expectations of yourself. While it is good to set high standards, it is not worth burning out and getting stressed over. Set more realistic goals, especially where exercise and work/family balance is concerned, and start enjoying life and your friends a lot more.

Aquarius This is a great week for all matters of the mind and communication as chatty Mercury moves through your sign. Making decisions about a situation will bring clarity and an end to confusion. Creating to-do lists will help you to keep track of the various errands and jobs you have to do. Brothers and sisters will play a role for some.

Pisces Things are looking better for you financially as you seem to be able to attract good things towards you at the moment. Don’t rush into anything new this week as you would be better really thinking things through before you act or announce your plans. It seems that some of your ideas about your future will have to be adjusted.

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