Weekly horoscope for 6 February 2017


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Aries It is time to be kind to your body and mind, and lower your expectations of yourself. While it is good to set high standards, it is not worth burning out and getting stressed over. Set more realistic goals, especially where family responsibilities and work is concerned, and start enjoying life and your friends and loved ones a lot more.

Taurus Things are going to work out much better than you anticipate this week. An unexpected twist of fate could be the turning point you have been looking for – especially if you had given up hope. A chance meeting with a gorgeous someone could easily turn your world upside down if you are single, although perhaps not in the way you expect.

Gemini The focus this week is all about getting ahead in the world. Luck is definitely on your side, giving you an opportunity to rise above your work crowd and be noticed in a very positive way.  Trust issues could cause some friction romantically on Wednesday, but will soon be sorted out when you realize it was a misunderstanding.

Cancer Your confidence should be on the rise this week, as good news and praise at work lifts your spirits. Don’t try to rush things in relationships, it is better to let things just happen naturally rather than trying to force the next stage. Fun with friends is indicated, so make the effort to catch up with them or perhaps invite them over.

Leo The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in your sign on Saturday could bring a situation to a head, which will be good in the long run as it will clear the air and stop resentment. You could be feeling more emotional and sensitive so take care of yourself and make sure you get some down time just to unwind and relax.

Virgo The full moon on Saturday activates your subconscious zone and brings everything from strange dreams to feelings of emotional dissatisfaction. You may be more intuitive than usual so listen to your gut feelings about new situations. A matchmaking friend may want to set you up on a blind date – accept the offer, you may get a nice surprise!

Libra Expect the unexpected in your love life this week as unpredictable Uranus shakes your romance zone. If you are single, accept all invitations to go out, as blind dates and surprise meetings could be the start of something big. If you are in a relationship, stir yourself out of a rut by doing something completely new together.

Scorpio There are good stars for money this week. Although you may not win the lottery, you could get an unexpected windfall or payment you didn’t think would happen. Boost your self esteem by spending some of the money on yourself rather than everyone else. Get some new clothes or just a little something you really want.

Sagittarius This is going to be a busy week, but you will be glad because it means that you are finally getting somewhere with a project or person. Think outside the box and take a risk when looking for solutions to career problems, as following the crowd or accepted rules wont give the big results you want. Go for it!

Capricorn Something important in your life will reach a crossroads and you will have to decide whether to continue and commit or simply walk away. There may be some changes at work due to orders from managers and committees. Don’t panic as the changes will actually work out in your favour and make your life easier in the long run.

Aquarius Some important decisions will need to be made this week but not everyone will like outcome. If you can communicate your reasons clearly, most people will come over to your way of thinking very quickly – but you wont really care if they do. Something which has been bugging you for some time will finally be sorted out this week.

Pisces A personal problem is going to work out more quickly and easily than you expect, especially if you get a good friend’s point of view. Your mind really wont be on your work this week, in fact you may even wonder if you need to change your employer or perhaps entire career. Check out all your options before committing to leave.


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