Weekly Horoscope 21 November 2016


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Aries Confusion about your career direction will start to clear this week as a new acquaintance introduces you to some different possibilities and ideas. Keep your eyes open for opportunities as your dream job could be closer than you think. Don’t tell the world about your plans though, as the time isn’t right yet.

Taurus It is time to forget the past and move forwards so you can take advantage of the good stars affecting your sign this week. You will be thinking much clearer after Saturday when a mystery is solved or someone’s lie is found out. Either way you will know where you stand and be able to make necessary decisions.

Gemini You may feel that you are going two steps back for every step forward that you take this week – especially where your love life or dealings with others are concerned. Trying a new approach to an old problem may be the solution you are looking for. Keep an open mind about the future as new opportunities are coming your way.

Cancer A new love may enter your life, or an existing relationship will recapture the spark of the early days. Your love life is going to be intense and passionate this week, so make sure you and your man get to spend some quality time alone to make the most of these stars! Splurge on some hot lingerie, or just be extra caring and romantic.

Leo It is time to be kind to your body and mind, and lower your unrealistic expectations of yourself. While it is good to set high standards, it is not worth burning out and getting stressed over. Set more realistic goals, especially where exercise and work/family balance is concerned, and start enjoying life and your friends a lot more.

Virgo It may be that something that was once important to you finally runs out of steam this week, most likely a dead end relationship or friendship that has been dragging on for far too long. Are you scared of being alone? You shouldn’t be, as with your current stars you will attract plenty of love and attention whether you are looking for it or not!

Libra This is a good week as you will be feeling more optimistic about the future and life in general. This is a fantastic time for travel, even if it is only inter-state – you really need to expand your horizons and see what is possible before making a big choice. Some silly workplace flirting may make you smile but don’t read too much into it.

Scorpio Even if things don’t work out exactly as planned this week, you will still be able to achieve a great deal. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to have a long term view of things – you are bound to make a few mistakes along the way, just don’t beat yourself up over it. Your love life will be passionate and exciting!

Sagittarius An old issue will come back to life this week, long after you thought it was dead and buried. There is no way to avoid it so just grit your teeth and sort it out. Taking a risk may pay off in a big way, especially if it is work-related, just don’t go too far and put important things like your peace of mind or relationship in jeopardy.

Capricorn This is a good week for getting your life and house in order. This may be as simple as having a good spring clean and chucking all your old junk, it could be as intense as starting counselling or ending a toxic relationship. Either way, make sure you take care of yourself and get support from your friends and loved ones.

Aquarius Sometimes it pays to fight the good fight, but this week it is much better to avoid confrontation and focus on your peace of mind instead. Try curling up at home over the weekend away from the world, other people and their dramas – being a hermit will help you to rest and regain your strength.

Pisces It is time to play it cool rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve like a typical romantic Pisces. Let a potential love affair develop at its own pace, even if it feels intense and overwhelming – taking things slow will let you both know that it’s the real thing. Keep your mind on your job and share your ideas for a happy working week.



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