Some insights into the Aries in your life or yourself, plus a prediction for the next 12 months in life, love and career.

Dates:                 21 March – 20 April
Ruling Planet:
Colour:                 Red
Element:             Fire
Keywords            “I am”

Aries people are all about action. They would much rather rush in and DO something than sit around and talk about ‘one day’. Quite fearless and sometimes quick to flare up with temper, they are also true friends who would happily fight any dragon for the people they care about.

Healthwise they can be prone to headaches and high blood pressure. Relaxation and meditation is excellent for calming them down, but martial arts and active sports will probably appeal to their competitive spirits more.

In relationships they are not afraid to say it how it is and have to be careful that their irritable nature doesn’t cause friction. They are wonderful for keeping their lovers enthralled and interested as there is always something exciting to do with them, maybe at a moments’ notice.

Prediction for Aries for the next 12 months

Life: Uranus the planet of freedom and the unexpected will stay in your sign for the rest of this year bringing new opportunities to be truly yourself and to move your life into a more positive and authentic direction. There may be some unexpected and unpredictable events and the advice is to be flexible and open to change. This is true in your professional life as well as your personal.

Be careful of accidents, especially while rushing around as a moment of inattention and flustered rush could have long reaching consequences. Try to be calm and take deep breaths and slow down the more frantic things get. Health will be good, although you may want to keep an eye on any excessive or greedy behaviour as this is where the problems may start.

Work and daily life will be a source of happiness and luck, especially before September 2016, so make the most of the opportunities that come your way. It is a great time for Aries people to become owners/parents of a new pet. Companionship will be important and it may be that a furry friend is a nice non-judgemental companion for you.

Love: Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune is moving into your relationship zone in September for around 12 months. This will bring happiness and luck to your relationships and encourage happy unions for singles looking to pair up. Being philosophical and not sweating the small stuff will help you to ride over any bumps, being picky and intolerant will only cause distance between you. Look at the big picture and try to laugh about it instead.

Career: You have many powerful and long reaching changes happening in your career sector this year. An excellent time for reinventing yourself and changing careers – just don’t get into power plays with anyone in authority as you will not be happy with the outcome. Don’t try to hang on to what has been but instead roll with any changes and look for positives and opportunities for growth in your situation.

Money: Some of the restrictions on your income, especially if you have been saving or investing will have eased in recent times. Now is a good time for making plans for your financial future in both the long and short term. There should be some good luck in small windfalls and lucky breaks but it appears that most of your money luck will come from working.

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