Your Stars for 2016 by Sara


Read on to find out what 2016 has in store for you in life, love and money. For a private astrology or psychic reading with Sara either by email, phone or in person, email Sara here or through the contact page.

Aries Uranus continues its unpredictable path through your sign this year, bringing change and opportunity but also a need for freedom and to be your authentic self. A good time for you to look outside what you have always done in the past, especially in your career – just remember not to throw away what is good along with the outworn.
Things look up in September when lucky Jupiter moves into your zone of relationships. Established couples should feel a lot of growth and optimism about the future, while July is a great time for singles to meet someone new.
Money The best money luck times for this year are May and October with mid to late July being the luckiest time to have a (safe) bet.

Taurus Life could feel like a juggling act at times as you feel torn between the people you care about and your responsibilities at work. Things are going to be hectic until after May, so try to pace yourself and learn to say no. Home and family are highlighted as a place of peace and happiness – but maybe you need to lay down some rules first.
Love: Your partner’s family could become a bit too involved in your relationship this year, so try to have clear boundaries. Singles may meet their true love through friends – or perhaps a friend will become your love!
Money: The focus is on making your money stretch far enough to pay for the treats you really want. Best money month: April

Gemini Children will bring a lot of joy and expand your horizons over this year – for some this will be a new baby or family member. It is also a wonderful year for singles to be lucky in love and meet someone you can really settle down with. Try not to be too stubborn with others as finding a compromise will bring the greatest growth and happiness.
This is a good year for either making big commitments like marriage or enjoying your solitude and having full control over your life. October and November are good for loved up couples while September looks wonderful for singles.
Be very careful about lending or sharing money as it may cause drama. The best times for bringing in more money are May and June.

Cancer This is a wonderful time for home loving Cancer people. Family and your home and garden will bring you a great deal of pleasure this year. For some this will be a year of positive endings and exciting new beginnings. An excellent year for moving house or travelling overseas especially if your family originates from there.
Your relationships with others could be intense and passionate this year – just avoid jealousy and power-plays as they will backfire in the long run. November and early December are the best times for couples, with October the best for singles.
There should be a good flow of money in and out throughout this year – just try to budget too. Best money luck comes in July.

Leo Your mind will be on money and what you value this year. There may be some extra money coming in which you will need to use wisely if you are to get the best results. You may find that some of your old attitudes and values are opened up and made freer by meeting new friends or maybe a new neighbour.
There is a serious vibe around romance, making casual and uncommitted relationships a no-no for singles. Couples will feel quite settled but need to work to keep the sparkle alive amid the chores. Best months October for singles and December for couples.
You have great money luck until September, so make the most of it by saving up and buying something you really need.

Virgo Lucky and optimistic Jupiter is in your sign until September, bringing a happy and positive frame of mind to you. You have a good chance of being in the right place at the right time for a new opportunity. Just make sure that you don’t get lazy and let this once in 12 years luck just pass by you. Make the most of your chances
Things may be a little confusing in your long term relationships. Make sure that you are not hoping and waiting for something that may never happen. Singles may find an intense and dramatic love interest. Best times October and November
Money You have excellent money stars after September with extra money rolling in. Just make the most of it rather than frittering it away.

Libra This is an action packed year for Libra, especially around the home and work areas. There will be many turning points throughout the year with March and September being times where events and decisions have long reaching consequences. For some this year will bring the desire to travel or maybe go back to school to increase your opportunities.
Agreements and compromise will be easier this year, especially if couples can give each other more freedom to be themselves. Singles will have romantic luck if they can look past first appearances and get to know the person within. Best times March and April.
This will be a year of ups and downs financially – luckily there will be more ups. The best months for loans etc are May and June.

Scorpio For some Scorpios this year may see the end of confusion and uncertainty in areas of your life. Some may have to face a painful truth that they have wasted their time on someone who isn’t really worth it, but be glad that you have behaved with integrity and are stronger for it. Work and career matters are looking wonderful.
Communication is the secret to a happy love life this year. Make the time to really talk with your partner about their feelings and open up understanding between you. For singles, making the first move or speaking up will bring good results. Best times April and May.
This is a time for saving, budgeting and working towards the future. Avoid spending carelessly and focus on your goals. October and November are good.

Sagittarius You have solid, serious Saturn in your sign this year. This is not a time for being careless or taking risks, but for working toward your goals and taking the sensible option at all times. This isn’t to say that you can’t have fun – it is just that you have a great opportunity to really get ahead and lay some good foundations for your future.
Some will decide whether to make a deep and lasting commitment or whether to walk away and find peace this year. Working as a team will bring strength to couples. While singles will want commitment or wont bother. Best times May and June.
Slow and steady gets you over the line. Rather than windfalls it is making the most of what you have that will bring you security. Best times November and December.

Capricorn There are major changes going on within your career, home and self this year. Stay flexible and open to new opportunities as hanging onto the past will only bring stagnation and pain. Your career is coming under some great influences, possibly leading to promotion or a new profession. A great time to renovate.
It will be more of a juggling act between your relationship, home and work demands. Prioritise special time with your partner to reconnect. Singles may find an old friend is actually just right for you after all. Best times May, June and July.
You have decent luck for this year, but it is likely to be increased earnings that bring you the treats and extras. Best months February and March.

Aquarius Travel and seeking out the foreign and exotic is going to appeal to you very strongly this year. While some of this may be the urge to escape from the daily routine and responsibilities, it is also the need to find yourself through what is unknown and different. This may spill over into your home life with exotic foods and décor.
You have good stars for the first half of the year especially where meeting new people is concerned. This is great for singles who are looking for love but may cause temptation if your relationship is feeling a little stale. Best times May and June.
Make sure you double check any paperwork or deals as mysterious and confusing Neptune is in your money zone this year. Best times March and April.

Pisces This will be a busy year but you will be glad as it means that you are getting somewhere in with a project or person. Think outside the box and take a risk when looking at career problems, as at this time following the rules is not the best option for the results you want. Family and home life are also busy but fun.
You have good stars for finding and enjoying love as lucky Jupiter is moving through your relationship zone this year. The only problem is that you may not be able to choose between possible loves! June and July are the best love times.
Money is still a little unpredictable so it is best to save and not take on unnecessary debt to give you security. Best times April


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