Weekly Horoscope 28 December 2015


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Aries Some of the tension and conflict that you may have experienced with others over the last few weeks will begin to ease this week. Remember to be tactful rather than demanding if you need to get your point across. There is a big focus on your career and public status within your family. Even if you aren’t at work currently, your plans for the coming year are worth thinking about.

Taurus There will be a lot of noise and information coming in this week but not much of it making sense or being what you want to hear anyway. You really need some time away from work and problem people so you can soothe your nerves and restore your inner strength – not to mention letting your hair down for a bit of fun. Take your best friend or loved one away with you.

Gemini Venus the planet of love and romance is moving into your relationship zone on Wednesday, making all your partnerships- especially romantic, will be boosted by loving and harmonious energies. This is a great week for travelling, and those Geminis who are far away will be having a wonderful time. For those stuck at home, try to get outside your routine and do something different.

Cancer This is a week of big decisions and serious discussions with loved ones. You will be thinking hard about the coming year and the things you want to be different – especially if your love life has been a bit of a disaster area. Now is the time to look at breaking the negative thought patterns that have caused you so much trouble and start letting in more positive people and energy.

Leo Make this New Year count by taking control of your health and lifestyle. Joining a gym, having alcohol-free days and eating healthily will give you the energy boost you crave – not to mention a rocking body that fits into the clothes you have always wanted to wear. Not the best week for money matters, but you may find that simple home-based pleasures are best.

Virgo Communication is the answer for everything this week, especially when dealing with your friends and lover. If you feel as though you and your man have been drifting apart or losing touch, have a quiet talk with him when you are both calm and have time to focus. It seems that many problems will just disappear after getting a bit of attention and affection.

Libra There could be some pressure from your lover to make a decision or give approval to their plans this week. It seems that they may be very persistent, leaving you feeling stressed and panicky if it is outside your comfort zone. Stand up for yourself and what you need, even if your partner is so caught up in their plans they have stopped listening.

Scorpio Mars, planet of energy, arguments and activity moves into your sign on Sunday, so enjoying the peace and quiet until then is the best choice. You have great stars for relationships, so if you are single get out and meet some new people. Catching up with old friends you haven’t seen for a long time will bring a lot of happiness and nostalgia – even if it is only on Facebook.

Sagittarius Venus moves into your sign on Wednesday, bringing love and romance into your life. You will be feeling very positive about life and love as this week’s stars are absolutely wonderful. It seems that you will be meeting many new people and attracting compliments about your unique style and personality. Your love life is looking good, especially for those wanting summer-time romance.

Capricorn You will be too busy to take any garbage from anyone this week – not that Capricorns are known for their patience with idiots anyway. You will be under a fair bit of pressure to produce the goods on time at home and there may even be some renovations to be done, just don’t take your frustration out on those closest to you. Make Sunday a relaxation day.

Aquarius Mercury planet of communication moves into your sign on Saturday, making everything from paperwork to deep and meaningful conversations much easier. It is an excellent time for you to make plans, budgets and resolutions for the New Year and also for talking over issues in a constructive and practical manner. Finances look healthy.

Pisces Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to be tolerant if your loved one gives you an unpleasant surprise on the weekend. Before you flip out, remember to look at the big picture and judge your man by how he has been over the whole relationship, not just recently. An honest discussion about the reasons behind some actions will clear the air and let you both move forward


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