Weekly Horoscope 27 July 2015


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Aries Avoid power struggles with the one you love. Although you win the fight in the short term, it may cause long lasting damage. Something you have been involved in may come to a standstill at work. The delay could feel frustrating, but it will actually give you more time to prepare and get it right. Take time out to relax and avoid tension headaches.

Taurus A romantic introduction, invitation or proposal may take you completely by surprise – especially if you are already in a relationship. Although you may feel very flattered to get the attention, don’t let it go to your head and make you do something you might regret later. Money is looking a lot more positive than it has for some time.

Gemini This is a week of ideas and speaking your mind about what you really feel. You may find out some information that changes how you see something close to your heart. Just make sure that you can trust the person who tells you as it seems there may be someone trying to manipulate you through getting to your emotions.

Cancer This is likely to be a very happy week as long as you are able to have some free time to yourself or to share with your loved one. There is a lot of strength and optimism around you at the moment, leading you to maybe take a chance on something that offers you the possibility for more freedom to be yourself and fulfil your dreams.

Leo Inner restlessness and discontent may push you to make some major changes – which is wonderful if you are in a rut, just don’t get carried away and throw out the good as well as the bad. Someone exciting and playful will try to win your heart this week – they might even succeed! You will get a break from your usual work routine to collaborate on something new.

Virgo You may be feeling a lack of energy as the people around you seem to be sucking the life out of you with their dramas and enthusiasms. There may be an emotional part of why you feel so tired. Releasing past pain and perhaps grieving for what once was may help you to clear the blockage and start feeling like your usual self again.

Libra Money matters are highlighted this week. Making a budget will help you to save for something you have always wanted or will get you out of debt, either way it is time to take control of your spending. Your love life has many happy planetary influences right now, so take a chance on love and open up.

Scorpio It is important to finish off what you have started before taking on anything new this week. After Thursday you will find things flow more smoothly with other people, so be patient until then. Try to take a long term view of minor problems in your relationship and ride through the bumpy times. Expect to receive some well-earned praise from a co-worker.

Sagittarius You may travel for work, pleasure or maybe just going home this week. If you don’t actually move physically it may feel as though you are finally making progress on something or that your spiritual journey is moving ahead quickly. An irritating problem may turn out to be a blessing in disguise as it leads you in a better direction.

Capricorn Open the lines of communication between you and your loved ones as you have excellent stars for finding compromises and speaking clearly at the moment. Try not to be too stubborn when dealing with young children, sometimes you have to meet in the middle on a few things. Your finances are looking much healthier.

Aquarius Keep your eyes on the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff as big plans and big ideas are what is going to make you feel good. Focusing on minor details and problems – especially in your relationship – is only going to spoil the good energy. An excellent time for either going on holiday or planning your next trip.

Pisces This week is excellent for starting new relationships and getting married. For established relationships a feeling of rebirth and fresh beginnings is likely. Use this energy to leave past resentments in the past where they belong and focus on the future together. Singles may finally meet the one they have been looking for.

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