Magic Safety Rules


Magic has become more popular and easily available over the last few decades than at any other time in history. From magic love spells over the internet through to groups of ordinary people getting together to do ‘workings’, it has never been easier to learn how to do spells and rituals. While most people would never normally do these things, it may feel tempting if you are having a low moment brought about by loneliness, relationship or money worries, or just that it’s 2am and you and your friends are drunk. There are dangers in this, as messing with these energies can have very serious unwanted repercussions. So I thought I would give some basic guidelines for those who have been interested or tempted to give spells and rituals a go.

Black Magic – Don’t do it!

Black magic is basically anything done with the intent to harm another. Crossing the free will of someone else is also a big no-no. The big rule is whatever you put out will be returned to you threefold or tenfold, depending on who you ask. Either way, if you put harm out to someone – even if they have wronged you – it will just come back to bite you badly in future. You don’t have to like the person, just don’t give into your darker side and hurt them.

A better way of handling someone who has hurt you is to imagine yourself surrounded by a white light of protection. Visualise this as being a mirror that reflects everything back to sender. So for example, if someone has had an affair with your partner and caused chaos and heartbreak – just reflect the hurt away from you and it will go back to the person who caused it. The more suffering they have caused, the more they will eventually suffer themselves – this is their Karma. The focus while you do this should not be on hurting the wrongdoer, it is about freeing yourself and karmic justice.

While not many people would consider actually causing harm to someone (no matter what fantasies we may have in low moments) the temptation to cross the will of others is a bit more blurred.

For example, doing a spell to make someone fall in love with you, come back to you, or be what you want them to be, is black magic. Respect that everyone has their own destiny and right to choose their life – even if it isn’t what you want for them or yourself. Also things have a way of working out over time. What you desperately want now may not be what you want a year or even 6 months in the future. Everything changes and moves on, including your current situation. Focusing on yourself and putting your psychic energies into attracting love and good things into your life is a more positive approach.

White Magic

This is of course the nicer and more positive side of magic, although you still need to use caution. It is sometimes called ‘natural magic’ as it has traditional ties with paganism and nature worship. Another example of white magic is a prayer or meditation group that sends peace and healing to people in crisis. Although they might be insulted at me calling what they do magic! For the most part though, white magic is focused on growth and positivity, working with the seasons and flow of the natural year.

At its core you could call white magic ‘helping’ magic. Although you still have to be careful that you are not crossing the free will and destiny of the person while you are helping them. We have all cringed at someone who is pushing people around ‘for their own good’, the same applies with magic too.

White magic has strong associations with women and female energy, mainly because most witches who practiced white magic were women. It also has ties with the Mother Goddess and nature religions.

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