Horoscope for May 25 2015


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Aries This week is very good for romance, especially if you are single or if your established relationship is feeling a bit dull. New, exciting energy is coming into your life, either through a person or through a series of events that bring change but also free you from the same old routine.  Unexpected money and small wins are likely.

Taurus Money matters may cause a bit of stress this week. Double check all your bills and statements as it may be that you are being over charged or a mistake has been made.  It could be costing you big money. This is a great time for shopping around for the best deals on your regular expenses like insurance and utilities.

Gemini You will need to take a deep breath and count to ten a few times this week. It seems that life is going to be very busy and the rush and pressure may make you snap or be irritable with your loved ones. Let them know you care by making the most of the weekend when you will be more relaxed and dreamy.

Cancer Expect the unexpected especially in your love life. If you are single a new someone could turn your life upside down in the nicest possible way. Stay flexible and open to new experiences. It may not last forever but it will be an exciting ride while it lasts! Listen to your dreams and intuition –there may be an important message for you.

 Leo This is a great time for networking and making connections for both your career and within your neighbourhood. Bargain hunting at garage sales and community fairs will be a lot of fun and very rewarding as you are likely to score something you have always wanted very cheap. Romance is looking promising.

Virgo If you have been doing too much and pushing yourself too hard lately, this week is the time for you to settle down to recharge your batteries before you crash. Your current astrological energies could leave you feeling a bit weaker and tireder than usual, so listen to your body and get the rest and relaxation that you need.

Libra Things may be feeling a bit unsettled and unpredictable in your love life at the moment. Maybe a need for new experiences and excitement is making things feel so dull and you or your partner so restless. Going outside your comfort zone and making the effort to break out of the day to day routine will help keep the spark alive.

Scorpio This is a big week for all matters to with shared finances and investments. This also covers things like insurance and superannuation, so looking around for the best deals and starting a new savings or investment plan has a good vibe. Think very carefully before taking on new debts or credit cards at the moment.

Sagittarius There is a lot of energy and action in your relationship zone all this month. You will need to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings and needs for this week, as it is showing that you have a learning experience through others in your stars. Money will flow in but unfortunately flow out again just as quickly.

Capricorn There is a lot going on in your daily life and work routine. It may be that you are very busy or just that you have to keep on top of several different projects at once. Not the best time for starting major health and fitness resolutions, in a few weeks will be much better. Romance is happy and peaceful.

Aquarius This is a good week for love and romance for Aquarians. If you are single you will be able to present yourself better than usual and will make a big impression on someone nice. Those in relationships will find pleasure making new plans for the future, either ideas for your home or for travelling the world.

Pisces This is a big week for your home and family life, most of it will be good, but there may be times when you wish you could get away from it all. A great time for decorating or just buying something to make your home look nice. Get togethers with the extended family will be enjoyable, but just snuggling in front of the TV will be pretty good too!

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