The Spiritual Energies of the Days

days of week

The days of the week have spiritual and magical energies which if harnessed can be used to bring better results for your plans and activities. Each day is ruled by one of the traditional planets of our solar system and has attributes beyond just a day on the calendar.

 Yellow & gold
Planet: Sun
Metal: Gold
Deities: Brighid, Helios, Ra
Gemstones: Quartz crystal, Diamond, Amber, Carnelian
Herbs & Plants: Marigold, Sunflower, Cinnamon
Associations: Agriculture, beauty, hope, victory, self-expression and creativity
Sunday corresponds to the sun. This a high energy day and contains all sorts of potential for success, wealth, and fame. Sundays are for personal achievements of any kind such as working towards a promotion at work, seeking fame and wealth, or being acknowledged for your achievements.

 Silver, white, light blue
Planet: Moon
Metal: Silver
Deities: Thoth, Selene
Gemstones: Pearl, Opal, Moonstone
Herbs & Plants: Wintergreen and other mints, catnip, comfrey, sage, chamomile
Associations: Childbearing and family life, purity and virginity, healing, wisdom, intuition
Monday is dedicated to the moon and all her magic and mystery. Mondays are for women’s mysteries, illusion, prophetic dreaming, emotions, travel, and fertility. Wearing silver or pearl jewellery will help you to attract the Moon’s energies.

 Red and orange
Planet: Mars
Metal: Iron
Deities: Lilith, Mars, Aries, the Morrighan
Gemstones: Garnets, ruby
Herbs & Plants: Thistles, holly, coneflower, cactus
Associations: War and conflict, enemies, initiation, ambition and protection
Tuesday is a Mars’ day, and the best time for calling on the Universe for strength and courage. If you are facing a challenge of any kind, need a boost to your courage, or want to enhance your passions, Tuesday is the best day of the week for this.

Planet: Mercury
Metal: Mercury (Quicksilver)
Deities: Odin, Hermes, Mercury, Athena, Lugh
Gemstones: Adventurine, agate
Herbs & Plants: Aspen trees, lilies, lavender, ferns
Associations: Business and job-related issues, communication, loss and debt, traveling and journeys
Wednesdays are ruled by Mercury the God of communication and trickery. Wednesdays can be changeable and unpredictable but are excellent for communication, change, cunning, and the arts. This day is full of contradictions, change, and excitement.

 Royal blues, greens
Planet: Jupiter
Metal: Tin
Deities: Thor, Zeus, Jupiter, Juno
Gemstones: Turquoise, amethyst, lapis lazuli
Herbs & Plants: Honeysuckle, oak trees, cinquefoil
Associations: Honour and family loyalty, harvests, clothing and riches, loyalty
Thursday is Jupiter’s day. Jupiter is the ruler of prosperity, abundance, and good health. A good day for all financial matters and for anything you want to grow and increase.

 Pink, aqua/blue-green
Planet: Venus
Metal: Copper
Deities: Freya, Venus, Aphrodite
Gemstones: Coral, emerald, rose quartz
Herbs & Plants: Strawberries, apple blossoms, feverfew
Associations: Family life and fertility, sexuality, love and marriage harmony, friendship, growth
Friday belongs to Venus, but is sacred to many other gods and goddesses of love such as Eros, Venus, Aphrodite, and the Norse goddess Freya. This day of the week is for all romantic and love matters such as relationships, new beginnings, marriage, fertility, and romance.

 Black, dark purple
Planet: Saturn
Metal: Lead
Deities: Saturn, Hecate
Gemstones: Apache tear, obsidian, hematite
Herbs & Plants: Thyme, mullein, cypress
Associations: Fortune and hope, protection and banishment of negativity, endings both positive and negative.
Saturday got it’s name from the god of karma and time, Saturn. Traditionally Saturdays are great days for protection, banishing a negative situation, and generally a good time to clean up any messes or bringing an end to a bad situation.


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