Your Stars for 2015


Here are your stars for 2015. I hope you have a wonderful and happy year!

Aries Travel and seeking out the foreign and exotic is going to appeal to you very strongly this year. While some of this may be the urge to escape from the daily routine and responsibilities, it is also the need to find yourself through what is unknown and different. This may spill over into your romantic life as someone from a different culture may seem very appealing. You will need to feel your freedom throughout the year, as independent freedom loving Uranus is in your sign all year. It is all about finding the authentic you. Pluto in your career zone can bring power struggles with authority, or perhaps the very structure of your workplace will change.

Taurus This is an excellent year for all Taurus people hoping to have children or increase your family. For older Taurus people you may have a new son or daughter in law by the end of the year – whether they actually get married or not. This is a great time for all family and home matters. If you choose to sell or move home this year you are likely to do well out of it financially. Single Taurus people will find that this is a great time for romance and just enjoying life. In fact all Taurus folk will have a boosted social life, just make sure you don’t over-indulge as you will be tempted to have more of a good time than is healthy for you!

Gemini Geminis are renowned for their quick minds and talkative nature, but you can also be vulnerable to stress too. Stay focussed on the big picture and try not to sweat the small stuff, especially between May and September. Your personal relationships are likely to either become deeply committed and more stable than ever, or you could find yourself thinking it just isn’t worth the bother anymore and end it. The one thing you won’t do is just let things carry on as they have in the past. This is not just marriage and romance but all your close relationships. Money matters will tick along, but a budget will give you more peace of mind.

Cancer This is a year where relationships will be important, powerful and transforming. It is through others that you will find the answers you are looking for – although they are really just a reflection of the inner you. This is a year where you can have better emotional contact with others, resolve past problems and clear up lingering issues. The best relationship advice is to leave the past behind you as it will just poison the present, instead treat it as a learning experience and look towards the future. Being kinder to yourself, especially when it comes to taking care of your body is a major lesson for this year.

Leo This is another lucky year for Leos, as Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance is in your sign until April, then it moves into your money sector bringing growth and expansion to your finances. This will bring a greater flow of money into your life, although you must be careful not to let it slip away on little indulgences until there is nothing left. There will be many turning points throughout the year with May and November being times when events and decisions have long term consequences, many of them good if you are sensible.

Virgo This year will see many Virgos making serious commitments to home and family. This could be buying a new house, having a child or perhaps having to deal with the responsibilities of aging parents. After April there is a good luck vibe for all Virgos, making you feel more optimistic and open to adventure than you have for a long time. This is about the luckiest time you will have for about another 10 years and it lasts well into 2016. Love will be more stable, just remember to keep the communication open, even when it feels difficult.

Libra Some of the financial pressures and restrictions you have been experiencing over the last couple of years will ease this year, although anything that hasn’t been finished off properly will need to be dealt with again between mid-June and September. This is an excellent year for looking for a better job or seeking a promotion. Study and extra training may be required, but you will have the discipline to make that happen. Home renovations and extensions are in the stars for many Libra people, as the desire to transform your environment will be strong. The Lunar eclipse in your relationship zone in September will bring fireworks and passion.

Scorpio Your extended family will play an important role in your life this year, especially siblings and in-laws. This will be a source of emotional security and create happy feelings of love and belonging. Silly family squabbles and irritations can be easily solved by focussing on what you share instead of what is different. This goes for your romantic relationships too, focus on the good and stop stressing about minor dramas. Healthwise you should be careful of continuing with bad habits such as smoking and unhealthy eating. This is a time where the effects could start to catch up with you, so if you haven’t quit already, call the Quitline or download an app to give you support and motivation.

Sagittarius Throughout this year and next you will have a better idea about where you are going and what you want to do with your life in future. You will be ready to take on challenges and commitments as there will be the strong desire to get ahead and make it in the real world. There will be a lot of hard work, but you will be glad for it. For the next couple of years you will reap what you sow, so make sure you only plant positive energies in your life. You may need to take some time out from it all in Winter as there will be some unfinished business to take care of, but once this is over you will be free to power ahead.

Capricorn Pluto the big transformer is still working its way through your sign, bringing change and rebirth in its path. You may find that small trivial matters don’t mean as much to you as the big issues of life, death and eternity are playing on your mind a lot more. Try not to be too intense with your loved ones, they aren’t going through the same planetary energies as you, so focus on yourself and your own growth and be patient with others. Try not to hang onto the past or be too nostalgic, as there are some unpredictable or unusual vibes coming in your home life, so maybe this is time for a move or renovation to change things around a bit.

Aquarius For some Aquarians, this year will see financial gains through inheritance, investments or insurance. Some may be lucky enough to have a partner who is willing to share their good financial fortune with you. There are very good stars for all matters where your money is used or shared with others. If you have been happily single and playing the field for the last year or so, you may feel more ready to settle down with just one person after August. Some may have a parting of the ways with an old friend as you realise that you have grown apart. This is balanced by good stars for making new, lasting friendships with people on your wavelength.

Pisces You will have good luck in work and daily life until August, then the good luck will shift into your personal relationships, making you even happier. In your working life make the most of the opportunities that come your way as these stars only happen once every 12 years. The only negative is that it is possible that you will feel so happy and content doing the same old thing that you let it all roll past. So try to make some of your dreams come true even if you are happy. Mysterious, psychic Neptune in your sign will make you more sensitive to the undercurrents and unspoken emotions of others, making you feel a bit frazzled at times. Take time to unwind and relax alone each day to manage.

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