Weekly Horoscope 15 December 2014


Here is my horoscope for this week. For a personal astrology or psychic reading, please contact me on 0434 634 092 or email.

Aries This is going to be a very powerful week as far as your career or public standing is concerned. Do not get into any power games or struggles with authorities as it is unlikely you will win. Using a friendly, non-confrontation approach will diffuse the situation and help everyone to get along. Finances are looking healthier.

Taurus This is a good week for legal agreements and signing contracts. There is luck on your side when dealing with a difficult person, you will know something they don’t which will give you the winning edge. Don’t let rumours at work make you feel worried, it seems that they are just rumours and wont come to anything.

Gemini This is likely to be a very big week, especially if you have investments or an insurance claim waiting to be approved. There could be some big changes as a result of information you get from a bank, but it is not a good time to enter a long term commitment or plan as there are new influences coming in the New Year when the time is better.

Cancer There may be some pressure between your marriage commitments and the pressure your job and boss places on you. Trying to find a balance will be tricky, but talking things over will help soothe things with your loved one so they will be more understanding. The good love vibes just keep on coming your way!

Leo A pet or pets will bring pleasure and new friends if you take them with you when going out. A trip to the vet may be in store for some, but it doesn’t appear to be a big problem. There may be some major changes to your work or daily routine. Use your focus and determination to make it a big change for the better.

Virgo Your love life could start to sizzle after Friday night as passion and excitement are indicated. children Following your hunches and taking a little risk may pay off when a cute someone shows they are interested. Keep yourself safe but live a little! There are some very happy times with children throughout the week.

Libra Try to avoid getting caught in the middle if conflict arises between your family and partner. Being the peacemaker may not get you much thanks in the short term, but over time it will create a much healthier family situation. Be cautious when socialising – alcohol may affect you more strongly at the moment affecting your judgement.

Scorpio Keep a hold of your temper and need for freedom this week, as some Scorpios may be tempted to just ‘throw a grenade’ into a situation just to break free. It seems that there are some changes needed but a slow and steady evolution rather than a drastic explosion will be much better for everyone – including you.

Sagittarius It seems that you will be able to relax and put your mind at rest for the first time in some weeks. Meditation and contemplation will appeal to you, especially if you have a decision to make which challenges your beliefs. Finding your inner truth will guide you a lot better than following the opinions and chit chat of others.

Capricorn Communication is highlighted for you this week, so make the most of it by getting all your awkward conversations and tricky phone calls out of the way while luck is on your side. Beware of accidents or broken appliances at home, it appears that something unexpected (but not necessarily unpleasant) may happen with your family.

Aquarius You may be feeling under pressure and ready to pop before this week is over. There are a lot of jobs and errands, plus people and their many needs, all of which combine to feel a little overwhelming. Taking time out to unwind in the bath or meditate, or just go for a relaxing walk by yourself to clear your mind and spirits.

Pisces This is a great week for networking and making new contacts. For the career driven, office parties and the like may give the opportunity to get yourself known by bosses and influential people. Just make sure you stay reasonably sober as you don’t want to blow your big chance by not being able to find the right words.

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