Weekly Horoscope 1 December 2014

Horosopewheel3 Here is my horoscope for this week. For a personal astrology or psychic reading, please contact me on 0434 634 092 or email.

Aries This is a great time for joining a new group and making new friends. Your hobbies, sports and interests will provide common ground for you to build a new friendship on. They may be very fit and athletic, or possibly a platonic male. The Full Moon may give you a bad dose of itchy feet over the weekend, so hit the road if you can.

Taurus This is a good week to put your ambitions into action and make some moves in your career. It may involve being brave enough to make your case with a boss, or sort out the office bully. Whatever it is, setting clear goals and boundaries and then going for it will bring success. A great time for applying for a better job.  

Gemini If you are single and sick of moping about it, this weekend is a great time to take action and start looking for Mr (or Ms) Perfect. This may involve online dating or just asking a friend to introduce you to their family member or mate. Your children may make for a lot of extra work – especially running Mum’s taxi.

Cancer Your health may require some attention this week, or perhaps you will feel the motivation to change your lifestyle in ways that will improve your health and energy. This is also a good week for finding a new doctor or health practitioner that you can really feel comfortable and confident with. A new pet fiend is likely for some.

Leo You may be feeling at the end of your tether with others’ irritability and impatience. It is not in Leo nature to take this lying down, so there may be a few fireworks before the week is over. Romantically things are looking great for singles, as Venus the planet of love and parties is in your romance and social zone for a while yet.

Virgo This is a great week for getting some energy into your life and start doing the things you have been meaning to get around to. Finishing up small jobs around the house and garden will make you feel as though you have accomplished something, and it will be a good use of all the excess energy going through your daily life at present.

Libra Your neighbours may be a big part of this week. Perhaps a local garage sale or school fair will get you a bargain, or your neighbour will help you out in some way. For those with troublesome neighbours, the advice is to try to be friendly or use a mediator, as mutual respect and common ground will help  you to sort things out.

Scorpio There is still a lot of action in your financial zone, but this is going to pass in a couple of weeks. There may be a few disruptions to your daily routine from time to time. But this may not be a bad thing as it will stop you from getting stuck in a rut. Stay flexible and expect the unexpected. Be careful around hot or sharp objects.

Sagittarius The Full Moon on Saturday in your zone of relationships and others, will bring a heap of romance and emotion into happy partnerships. But for rocky relationships the pressure may build to bursting point. For singles this may mean that a new romance becomes something much more serious. Children may cause surprises.

Capricorn Follow your intuition over the weekend as your gut feelings are likely to be spot on. This is a good time for you to take things easy, the coming holidays may do you more good as a well-earned break rather than festive party time. Some of the stress you have been experiencing lately will start to ease after Friday.

Aquarius High energy Mars moves into your sign bringing heaps of action and the motivation to succeed. You may feel a little irritable if things or people move too slowly for you. Bite your tongue and count to ten as harsh words said in a moment may take some time to fix. An excellent time for starting a new exercise regime or sport.

Pisces Saturday’s Full Moon in your career and public reputation zone may bring one of your career ambitions to fruition. Some behind the scenes planning or information will pay off. A troublesome ‘friend’ may finally stop being such a thorn in your side. Either they will stop their rubbish behaviour or move out of your life completely.

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