Weekly Horoscope 20 October 2014


Aries This is a great week for letting your creative side run free. This could be doing something artistic or a craft, or it could be changing your house or garden and making it more beautiful – dancing around the house and/or singing along to your favourite music is another great manifestation of these energies!

Taurus This is a huge week for your relationships with other people. For some this will see a major commitment or step forward, for others it will be a new beginning in love. Either way the best advice is to leave the past behind you and make a fresh start together – focus on making a positive future.

Gemini Ideas about a new business or project may begin to form this week for some Geminis. You may have several options to consider – each of them has merit but you should follow your heart when deciding as this will guide you to the right answer. There may be some welcome news about a child.

Cancer Romance is in the air and if you are single there are good stars for starting a new and exciting relationship. Even if you don’t meet ‘the one’ your social life will bloom if you try. It is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things – this is also good for sports, hobbies and artistic activities.

Leo The focus this week is all about potential and what areas you want to grow in the future. Decisions you make this week may have long reaching consequences, if you choose wisely it will be very positive. An excellent week for starting a new job or business, or changing around an existing one.

Virgo You may get some good news about your work or a new job that will mean more money or professional credibility for you this week. A romantic interest may have some news or you may hear some interesting information about them. You will be very busy but will get a lot accomplished before the week is over.

Libra You may have to take an unexpected trip this week, possibly because of the needs of a child. You may get the opportunity to buy something for your home which you have been wanting for a long time. For some this may mean actually buying a new house. Check for any fine print before signing documents.

Scorpio The New Moon and solar eclipse in your sign on Thursday will bring some things to an end but will open up a lot more new possibilities and fresh starts. The focus for this week is on you the individual – separate from your roles as spouse, parent, worker etc. Time to think about your dreams and how to fulfil them.

Sagittarius You may be feeling more emotional than usual this week. The best advice is to keep quiet about what is going on for the time being. The main reason for this is that you are likely to feel much more calm and balanced in a week or so and most of what is worrying you will have gone away or been resolved.

Capricorn On offer may be presented to you this week, although the timing could be off – making it more difficult than usual to accept. The advice is to keep going in a steady, step-by-step manner and you will get what you want a lot easier than if you throw yourself headlong into it and burn out.

Aquarius Some good news may brighten your spirits. It may be that someone you have been estranged from or who you have lost touch with will come back into your life. There may be some good financial news arriving in the mail, or possibly a package you have been waiting for will finally arrive.

Pisces You may be feeling a bit low on energy this week. In addition to getting some extra rest, taking some extra vitamins and eating healthily may give you a bit of a boost. Someone may try to pressure you into making a commitment or arrangement that you are not ready for or feel doubts about. Just say no.

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