The Spring Equinox


The Spring Equinox is the moment when the Sun is positioned directly above the Earth’s equator. Days and nights are exactly the same length all over the world at this time. The word equinox comes from the Latin for ‘equal night’. This year’s Spring Equinox occurs on 23 September in Australia and is the official beginning of Spring.
Spiritually the Spring Equinox is symbolic of light and warmth returning to the world and your life. It is a natural revival after the cold dark of Winter, and a good time for starting new projects, diets and relationships or taking existing things to the next level. The feeling is all about putting your renewed energy forward and blossoming.

The Spring Equinox is considered the time for planting seeds, both literally and psychically speaking. While it comes time to plants seeds in the garden, it is also a time to “plant the seeds of desired manifestation,” to begin new projects, and to put pre-made plans into action. Many of the Christian celebratory traditions associated with Easter are actually related to and derived from the pagan Spring Equinox traditions. The name “Easter,” is rooted in the word ôstara which is “the name of a goddess whose festival was celebrated at the Spring equinox” (“Easter”). The name of Ostara’s (Eostra’s) festival was transferred to the celebration of Christ’s resurrection when Anglo-Saxon and German heathens converted to Christianity.

The Spring Equinox is a time when ancient peoples performed rituals to welcome or encourage the return of the Sun’s life giving energy, and to ensure the crop planting went well and would result in a good harvest at the Autumn Equinox. Today many spiritual people mark the Spring Equinox by focusing on what needs to be born or renewed in their lives. Whether it is hope, love, financial security or career that you want to grow, this is when to harness the positive, expansive energy towards your personal growth and development.
You can celebrate the Equinox by simply appreciating the warmth and the blossoming flowers while breathing in the positive energy and focusing on what you want to grow.

Modern spiritual people celebrate Spring Equinox because they believe that every aspect of the year and season has its proper time for being, and that balance and rebirth are a fundamental part of life. Here are a couple of simple Spring psychic practices or ‘spells’.

Simple Spring Ritual
This ritual involves simply going to a place of nature (can be your garden, local park or favourite place). Take a stick and tap three times on the ground to welcome the Sun and warmth back to the Earth. Do this three times and then spend a few moments appreciating the energy of Spring.

Spring planting Spell
You will need:
Small plant pot

Write your goals and ambitions for the following year on the paper. Place the paper at the bottom of the pot, and lay the coin on top of it. Fill the pot with soil. Plant the seed into the soil, and water. Hold the pot between both hands and visualise your dreams/wishes growing as the plant does. Place the pot in a sunny spot, and give it lots of love and care.

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