Weekly Horoscope 15 September 2014


Hi Everyone. Here is this week’s horoscope. For personal psychic or astrology readings by phone, email or face to face in Hobart, please call or text me on 0434 634 092 or email here. Have a great week!

Aries There is a need for freedom and finding new positive energy this week. You may feel a little detached from your loved ones and daily life, but don’t worry as this will soon pass. The planets are saying that you need more freedom in your life to give more opportunities to be your true self. Be strong and stand up for yourself if a colleague starts to bully.

This is a good week for making plans and commitments with the one you love. Spending some quiet time just thinking things through and planning your next step will save you a lot of confusion and stress further down the track. Romance will be settled and perhaps leading to a bigger commitment than you have at present.

This is going to be a busy week, but you wont care because you will be filled with energy and enthusiasm again. Now is the time for you to make a start on your plans for the future. Although for some this may mean the end of a bad relationship that was going nowhere. At least if you are free you can start a healthier relationship with someone else.

Cancer A new love interest may enter your life this week, although it seems that a relationship wont actually get off the ground because you want the real thing and aren’t prepared to settle for less. It is better to be single and hanging with your friends than attached and miserable. Money matters will start to look up over the coming weeks.

Leo You may have a few money worries this week, due to something you counted on falling through. Don’t worry though, as with a bit of juggling and budgeting you will still be able to achieve what you want. A change of energy on Monday will give you fresh energy and inspiration, especially where your romantic life is concerned. Catching up with an old friend will make the weekend fun, bringing back lots of happy memories and laughter.

Virgo It seems that you will have to go back and finish off something that you thought was over ages ago. You may be waiting and hoping that a certain someone will call, however it seems that communication is delayed or blocked for the time being. Work will be busy but productive, just make sure that you get chance to unwind and relax..

Libra You could end up feeling disappointed at a lack of commitment on the part of others, especially if they don’t do what they have said they would. This could be a big issue at work where you are left to fix everything on your own after a colleague drops the bundle completely. Although some will feel let down by a family member who messes up.

Scorpio This is a good week to be assertive and start asking for what you deserve. This is especially true at work, where it seems that your efforts haven’t been noticed. Don’t try to get too many things done at once, or feel pressured to take on more than you can handle. There are good stars for relationships and loving times.

Sagittarius Try not to let little irritations get under your skin this week, even though you are feeling a bit more sensitive than usual. Problems with transport may cause delays and eat into your spending money – perhaps your car will need repairing or a speeding fine will cost you heaps. Try meditating to clear your mind and clam you down.

Capricorn Worries about a close friend will be eased this week when they call to say they have a new job or lover and are over the moon with happiness. Some of your recent financial stress will come to an end, but you will still have to be careful about spending for another month or so. A family member may surprise you with some very good news.

Your mind wont be on your work this week and you will wish you could take some time off or perhaps even get a completely new job. While there are real issues, it seems the big problem is that you are burnt out, so before you hand in your notice, try to get some holiday or stress leave or at least make your weekends more relaxing and fun.

Watch out for arguments that just blow up out of nowhere this week, as you or your partner may be feeling more irritable than usual. Being patient and biting your tongue wil help the mood to pass. On the upside, making up afterwards will be wonderful. Work will be quiet and slow, but that will give you more chance to daydream.


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