Weekly Horoscope 25 August 2014

Horosopewheel3Aries Children and their friends will be a big part of this week, but it looks like a lot of fun. This is a great time for children’s parties and sleepovers. Even if it means a bit more work for you it will bring a lot of pleasure to your home. Single Aries may experience love at first sight, although the person you fall for may be very different to your usual type.

Taurus A romance may deepen into a serious committed relationship this week. It seems that having ‘the talk’ will bring you closer together – especially if you play it cool. For those already in committed relationships, this is a great week for making plans for the future together, especially if you are considering a house move or purchase.

Gemini This is a week of endings and new beginnings. Some careful thought and planning now will make the future run much more smoothly than if you just rush in impatiently. Be careful that you don’t hurt a loved one’s feelings by being too harsh or cutting with your words on Monday, as a short burst of anger may take a while to heal.

Cancer Don’t get lost in all the small details of life this week. Trying to look at the big picture and going with the flow will help you to ride through the minor stresses and irritations of life. Spending some time by the water will be very soothing to your spirit, while meditation and regular healthy meals will give you the energy boost you need.

Leo Someone you meet through work may really capture your imagination, particularly if you are recently single. Although they may be very different to your past loves, they seem to bring out a new side to your personality which you really like. You may receive some welcome financial news on Wednesday which will brighten your week.

Virgo The New Moon in Virgo on Monday brings a chance for a fresh start and renewal. There may be an opportunity to go back and complete some unfinished business with someone who was once very important to you. This may occur face to face or may just happen in your mind and feelings. Take notice of vivid dreams – they may have a message for you.

Libra There is good news on the money front this week, especially if you are starting a new business, job or budget plan. You may find yourself changing your mind about someone or something that was not as it seemed. This will be a good change and nothing to worry about – it is just the Universe opening your mind to new possibilities.

Scorpio You will need to use all your patience and tact when dealing with a tricky person this week, probably while you are at work. This is a good time for pushing ahead with one or more of your dreams, as even the smallest steps you make now have the right energy to become much bigger over time. You just need to be persistent.

Sagittarius The stars are excellent for starting a new career or place of work this week, especially for Sagittarians who are fed up with their current job. This may be the change you need to shake up other areas of your life as well. Your energy levels should be running high this week. Channel this energy into getting practical tasks done.

Capricorn Romantic Venus is in your zone of intimacy and passion this week, making committed relationships feel new all over again. Some Capricorns may be tempted to have an affair with someone they have recently met and may lose many hours in steamy daydreams. Think very carefully before you act – some things are best left as dreams.

Aquarius This is not a good week for pushing for a solution at work or trying to get your own way at home. Try to leave any confrontations with others until a later time when the energies are less explosive. Patience and trying to see the other person’s point of view will get you a lot further than getting angry or making big demands.

Pisces Time for a fresh start in your relationships, perhaps with a new lover, perhaps by renewing the passion between you and an existing partner, depending on whether you are single or not. Try to put the past behind you and move on, particularly if the other person has apologised and is genuinely sorry for what they have done.

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