Weekly Horoscope 11 August 2014


Aries There may be some news about your place of work – or perhaps you hear about a new job that would be just right for you. Whatever happens there will be words and ideas flying around and it is in your day to day working life where it seems to be the most active. This is a really good time for successful performance reviews and new job applications.

Taurus Your home and family zone has experienced strong planetary energies over recent weeks, and it is going to continue for a few weeks more! It is showing as being a very peaceful and loving home time, although some will be inspired to make some major changes either decorating or shifting furniture – or the gardening bug may bite!

Gemini The time is right for some Geminis to make an important decision which could bring something to an end. This could be a very positive ending and a new beginning for you at the same time. Just make sure you think through all the consequences and are thinking with you head and not wishful fantasy or hurt feelings.

Cancer This is one of the best times for your sign to share your mind and ideas. If you have ever thought about writing about your life experiences, now is a great time to start. There are also good energies for signing important documents and writing things like job applications etc. Things could start to look up financially.

Leo Venus the planet of love and beauty moves into your sign on Tuesday, making this a great time for getting a new haircut, clothes, or even a complete make- over. For singles this week sees the start of a month long phase when you will be looking and feeling more attractive than usual – making you more confident and smiling.

Virgo You may feel like having some quiet down time this week – especially over the weekend. Collecting your thoughts and just resting your mind will work wonders for you. Trying meditation and relaxation is likely to have good results right now, especially if you are looking for a clear direction or solution to a problem.

Libra Be careful about what you say and who you say to this weekend. Sharing secrets or even just sharing private things may not be a good idea – particularly if the internet is involved. Try not to worry about things you can’t change, especially if you don’t know all the facts – it seems that in a few weeks the problem will be solved or made clear.

Scorpio Friday is shaping up to be an action-packed day for you. The vibe is excellent for pushing ahead and getting what you want – you may have to work for it though. This is especially true if it is your fitness and health that you want to improve. Whatever you want, being confident and taking a chance (especially at work) is likely to succeed.

Sagittarius Its’ all about the kids and creativity this week. Expressing yourself artistically will bring a release of tension and relaxation. You can do this by either: drawing and painting with the kids, singing along and dancing to the radio, or writing down your thoughts and memories – whatever works for you. You social life looks great!

Capricorn This is a good time for making plans for your long term finances, everything from superannuation to insurance and wills. Get some expert help and do lots of research as you have very good stars for investments right now. The planet of love in your intimacy zone may excite your passionate side and turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Aquarius This is a great week for long term relationships and for making friendly agreements with others. Giving and receiving presents is indicated for many. Even if the gift isn’t financially expensive it will have great emotional and sentimental value – like your child giving you something they have made especially for you.

Pisces Take the time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you this week – especially your partner. A little love note, text or email when they least expect it will make them feel loved. If there have been tensions and distance building up between you recently, now is a good time to reach out and bridge that gap with loving words.

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