The Psychic Power of Colours


Colours have psychic vibrations which work at the spiritual as well as physical plane. These vibrations or energies in colours can be used to boost the area of your life you want to focus on. You can harness a particular colour’s energy by using the colour to decorate your home, using coloured note paper and pens to write affirmations with, wearing clothes in your chosen colour and burning candles.
A simple way of tuning into the energy of the colour is through candles and visualisation. Light a candle of the colour you want to use (like yellow before an exam for example). Focus on the flame as you slowly and deeply breathe in and out. Visualise yourself breathing in the positive energy and focus your mind on the area you want to improve – love, money, spiritual growth etc. Do this for as long as you can – be patient of you can’t hold it for long to begin with, it will definitely become easier with practice.
Below is a list of colours and their psychic attributes and the day of the week ruled by each colour. I recommend always using  white in addition to keep the energy aligned with the positive and for protection – especially when using candles.

Psychic Attribute:
New beginnings and positive energy. Cleansing.
Day of the week: Monday
White is all of the colours in the spectrum combined, and is a purifying, cleansing and restorative colour. A lot of people recommend using a white candle in addition to every other colour to keep the energy positive and for its protective qualities. It is the multi-purpose colour – when in doubt use white! Use white to nurture creativity, bring optimism and success, and bring light and positive energy to all those around you.

Psychic Attribute:  Strength, courage and to bring about positive changes
Day of the week: Tuesday
Red is a potent symbol for courage, passion and love, although don’t use it when angry! Use to give yourself a boost of courage when facing a new challenge, to give you energy and when starting a new project.

Psychic Attribute:
Happiness, health, balance and identity
Day of the week: Wednesday
Orange attracts freedom and vitality. Use psychically when focusing on ambition and material progress. A very cheerful colour it livens the mind and mood.

Psychic Attribute:
Communication, the mind, learning and travel
Day of the week: Sunday
Yellow brings warmth and inspiration and sparks creativity. Use at a psychic level to help with boosting study or artistic work. Wearing something yellow will bring clarity in exams.

Psychic Attribute:
Love, healing, the natural world, attracting money to you.
Day of the week: Friday
Green is the psychic colour for fertility, abundance, money and warm love. Ruled by Venus planet of love, green is THE colour for growth and abundance. It also has very strong energies for healthy, healing love.

Psychic Attribute:
Power, justice and career
Day of the week: Thursday
Blue is a cool colour that soothes and relaxes. Blue is a primary spiritual colour, used psychically to obtain wisdom, tranquillity, harmony, peace, inner light and truth. Connects the person to inspiration, occult power, protection, understanding, good health, patience and loyalty.

Psychic Attribute:
Psychic development, spirituality and inner harmony and peace
Day of the week: Wednesday
Purple’s psychic energies are very strong. It is the colour of the 7th chakra and is used to increase psychic abilities, psychic healing, psychic power, inspiration, meditation, spirituality. Using a purple candle with a white candle while meditating can open up the spirit to higher dimensions.

Psychic Attribute:
House and home, financial matters, possessions and animals
Day of the week: Saturday
Brown is an earthy, balanced colour, used to attract money and financial success. It aids in emotional stability and balance, improves decision making and powers of concentration. Also connects to finding lost objects. Aids in the protection of household pets as well as animal healing.

Psychic Attribute:
Endings, banishing regret and guilt, breaking addictions to people or things
Day of the week: Saturday
When used for positive purposes, black is excellent for ending anything that is bad for you – like an addiction to cigarettes or not being able to free yourself emotionally from a past relationship for example. It should always be used with white to keep the energy positive and must not be used against anyone ever.

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