Weekly Horoscope 4 August 2014


Here is you horoscope for the coming week. Hope you have a great week!

Aries There may be a few disagreements about parenting styles this week – even if the kids involved have grown up. It seems that being strict and hard is not going to bring as good a result as allowing more freedom. This may be especially true if the kids are teenagers. Romance is highlighted for singles, as is every Aries’ social life.

Taurus Listen to what a friend has to tell you about their gut feelings as it seems they might be right on the money, especially if it involves your relationship. It may be that they have heard something – don’t worry it might be good! Children will take up a lot of your time but there will be some special, loving moments that will make it all worthwhile.

Gemini Think outside what you would normally do if faced with a tricky problem this week, as unusual and inventive creativity is indicated. Try your hand at doing something artistic – even if it is just making the garden look nice or re-arranging the furniture. Single people may be taken with someone who is very different to their usual type.

Cancer For a few lucky Cancer people, this week will bring news of a pay rise or at least a chance to do some extra work for some needed bonus cash. Money is looking good for all of you. Think carefully about what you will do with it, as although obligations like bills will take a good chunk, there will be enough to make some positive changes.

Leo This is an action packed week, for some it will bring long lasting changes – even if it is just to the way you think and approach life. There is a need for balance between a need for freedom and independence and your responsibilities, particularly to family and children. Finding a middle ground will let you have your cake and eat it too!

Virgo You will want to have some clarity in your relationships this week, although partnerships are under a bit of a fog at the moment so just trusting may be the only path open. Single Virgos may suddenly see an old friend in a new light. For some this will spark a romantic interest that takes you completely by surprise.

Libra There is a lot to be said for staying quiet and listening to others rather than giving your opinion just yet. It seems that there is more information to come out – especially at work- and you will come off a lot better if you just wait for a while. Long term relationships may get a new lease on life if you break out of the routine and be a bit wild together.

Scorpio This is a week when dreams may come true, especially on Thursday evening making you very happy. Tune into your psychic dreams and hunches through meditation or perhaps get a psychic reading. It seems that the answer to your problem is going to be found by going outside the conventional senses and your usual logical approach.

Sagittarius Instead of going over the same old ground with someone either at work or home this week, try a new approach – possibly by leaving them to stew. It seems that this person is being like a brick wall and the issue has been going on for a long time. Refusing to go on with the same routine will shake things up and bring results.

Capricorn A long simmering attraction may start to heat up into something more substantial this week. A first date, or just time alone together, may be the start of a new romance – or perhaps a secret affair. Work and money matters are looking up at the moment, so don’t forget to make the most of your opportunities.

Aquarius Again the focus is on relationships this week. An exciting new partner may enter your life on Saturday if you are single and looking for love. Committed relationships will benefit from a night out or special date together. Communication will be much better on Thursday but don’t undo it all by being stubborn on Saturday night.

Pisces Using your intuition and hunches to guide you in your future direction may be very useful right now. A dream may have the answer to a problem, so listen to it. Married Pisces may be getting a visit from the in-laws. Focus on what you have in common and reach out to a family member who may be being a bit quiet and withdrawn.


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