Weekly Horoscope 21 July 2014


Here is your horoscope for the week beginning 21 July 2014. Have a great week!


Aries This is an excellent time for making new plans and starting projects – in fact all new beginnings are under favourable stars this week. Things are also looking good for romance, although there may some confusion as to whether they really like you or not before you can get started. Do some serious thinking about your career direction.


Taurus Your life and home may feel like it is full of junk and other people’s mess, making you feel cranky and overwhelmed. The stars are right for a good clean out of all the things that drag you down and clutter up your world. Get a strict friend to help you be ruthless while you sort out your old treasures.


Gemini You will be happy to start making some real progress at work – even if nothing has actually changed yet, you will be able to tell you are on the right track and getting it right at last. It seems you may have to develop some balance in your eating and exercise as minor health troubles are possible.


Cancer There will be a lot of noise and information coming in this week but not much of it making sense or being what you want to hear anyway. You really need some time away from work and problem people so you can soothe your nerves and restore your inner strength. Take a best friend or love away with you.


Leo This is going to be a busy week, but you will be glad because it means that you are finally getting somewhere with a project or person. Think outside the box and take a risk when looking for solutions to career problems, as following the crowd or accepted rules wont give the big results you want.


 Virgo Your mind will be on money and what you value this week, especially shared finances, investments and loans. Make sure everything is very clear before you sign any paperwork which involves other people, as there are misleading influences around you and it may cause problems long term.


Libra There is a heavy emphasis on love, intimacy and partnerships of all kinds this week. This is not the time for going it alone, as it is the shared experiences that are going to bring you the most happiness right now. Any new relationship you begin this week could very easily end in a permanent long term relationship!


Scorpio There are excellent stars all week for being with friends and loved ones and just enjoying each other’s company. A problem at work will be eased if you get advice from a friend. It seems they have the experience and insight to show you a better way of handling your tricky boss and crazy workload.


Sagittarius You have good stars for just about everything this week – lucky you! This is a good time for applying for new jobs or having performance reviews as you will be able to sell yourself convincingly. Your love life should be happy and content, with single Sagittarius’ enjoying lots of flirtatious fun.


Capricorn Capricorn people are notorious for being organised and having fixed routines, however with your current stars it is better for you to break out of your usual habits and try something new. Travelling somewhere exciting or going extreme (maybe skydiving!) could be what you need to shake things up.


Aquarius You will have a strong need for space and freedom this week, especially if your relationship has been feeling dull and predictable lately. You could be very tempted to be unfaithful or at least flirt up a storm with a gorgeous man who sees you as more exciting than your partner does. Enjoy the flattery.


Pisces Are you ready for some honesty? Because with this weeks’ stars you will finally be able to see the truth of a situation and where you really stand. This may come in a sudden moment of clarity, or perhaps someone will feel the need to set you straight. It may not feel nice at the time, but it will free you to be strong.




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