Weekly Horoscope 14 July 2014

Here is your horoscope for this week, hope you enjoy it. Have a great week!

Aries This is an excellent week for negotiating and making deals. It seems you will be able to talk anyone into anything you want on Thursday, so any relationship or workplace issues should be discussed then. News from friends far away will bring excitement and the desire to visit them and be where all the fun is.

Taurus Established relationships could take a battering after a chance meeting with someone makes you feel as though you are falling in love – or lust – with them. This may just be a silly infatuation but it reminds you of the flaws in your relationship. Work and money matters are looking much better, so go shopping and spoil yourself.

Gemini Something important in your life will reach a crossroads and you will have to decide whether to continue and commit or simply walk away. There may be some changes at work due to orders from managers and committees. Don’t panic as the changes will actually work out in your favour and make your life easier in the long run.

Cancer Travel and adventure are featured for Cancer people, with many making travel plans or actually leaving town this week. You will feel a strong attraction for all things exotic or foreign and be totally bored with your daily routine. Some will look to broaden their horizons through study or even just reading or watching travel shows.

Leo A problem which has been bubbling away in the background could reach boiling point as someone gossips without realizing the damage they could cause. The good news is that once the fuss has died down everyone, including you, will feel much better. An impulsive splurge at the shops is bad for your budget but good for your soul.

Virgo There will be some major decisions to make this week, especially about your job and daily routine as balancing work and outside interests, especially family, could be a challenge. Romantically it may feel as though you are in a tug of war, as both you and your partner refuse to budge on a minor issue. Remember compromise could be a form of winning.

Libra What you really need this week is a girls’ night out so you and your friends can party away the pressure of your busy lives. Make time to relax and let off steam so that you don’t get irritable and grumpy from stress. Work will be hectic and demanding, but also very rewarding as you rise to the challenges and win the day.

Scorpio Money matters are highlighted this week. Making a budget will help you to save for something you have always wanted or will get you out of debt, either way it is time to take control of your spending. Your love life has many happy planetary influences this week, so take a chance on love and open up.

Sagittarius A personal problem is going to work out more quickly and easily than you expect, especially if you get a good friend’s point of view. Your mind really wont be on your work this week, in fact you may even wonder if you need to change your employer or perhaps entire career. Check out all your options before committing to leave.

Capricorn There is a strong need for you to communicate clearly and honestly with others this week. First you need to know what it is you really want and that could be a problem, especially where your heart is concerned. Your relationships with co workers will be much easier however, with all career and work matters looking very positive.

Aquarius The focus this week is all about getting ahead in the world. Luck is definitely on your side, giving you an opportunity to rise above the crowd and be noticed in a very positive way.  Trust issues could cause some friction romantically on Wednesday, but will soon be sorted out when you realize it was a misunderstanding.

Pisces Love and friendship could become complicated for some Pisces, as an old friend starts looking at you through romantic eyes. If you are single, he could be worth considering! Your lifestyle zone is highlighted, making this a wonderful time to take control of your daily routine and include more healthy food and exercise.

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