Weekly Horoscope June 30 to 6 July 2014



Here is your latest horoscope for the week beginning 30 June 2014. Have a great week!

This week brings new beginnings and the chance to make a fresh start. There could be some confusion and misunderstandings about finances over the coming weeks, so be very cautious before you lend money to anyone or borrow money yourself. Your love life should be very happy, especially if you can forget the small stuff while still staying strong about the deal breakers.
Stop and think before you speak this week, as people could take what you say the wrong way and become offended. At work keep your eye on small details as something important could slip through and cause chaos. Don’t attempt deep and meaningful discussions with your loved one while drinking!
This is a great week for being with your friends, just spending time together and hanging out. A new sport or hobby may be just the thing to get you out of a boredom rut, especially if you take a friend or partner along too. Keep your ears open for secret news about proposed changes at work.
A friendship which has become a bit battered over time is likely to become important to you again. Establishing a new and better relationship with this person will bring good things into your life, so work to restore the bond. Take a break from the home and work routine and get away for the weekend.
There will be some happy Leos this week, as something you have been waiting for finally arrives. This could be a new car, house or even a relationship. There may be stress because of bullying behaviour at work. Put any complaints in writing as it seems you will only get results if you go official.
Someone or something new is coming to your workplace to bring changes to the way things are done, which will make your professional life easier. If you have been trying to get out of a commitment or contract you made in the past, this week will see the changes that will allow you to do just that.
It seems that the mundane routine of work is getting you down and you want things to be different. Making it on your own, being financially independent or running your own business – especially if you can work from home – are what you want. Get inspired by the challenge and start planning!
Taking the time to talk things over and clear the air will pay off big time in your love life. For singles, ignore looks and concentrate instead on how well you can communicate together and whether you have the same values. Work will be challenging on Tuesday, but will soon settle down again.
Take another look at an old friend if you are searching for love. It may be that the man you want is right under your nose. You have both changed over the years and now you have a lot to offer each other. Unfortunately this is a poor time for making investments, so stash your cash in a savings account.
You really need to put things in perspective before making a decision, especially where love and relationships are concerned. Look at what your own needs and priorities are – it may be that you are being a bit unreasonable too. Some quiet time at home in your comfort zone will help to clear your mind.
You will succeed in overcoming a difficult situation this week, which will make you feel pretty proud of yourself. You will have a lot of paperwork to process at work, but it seems that you will get in the flow and meet the deadline anyway. Enjoy a quiet but peaceful time in your romantic life.
Dreamy, mysterious Neptune is causing havoc in your sign this week, making you very sensitive to people and your environment and also causing vivid dreams. You should also be more intuitive than usual, so if you get a gut feeling about someone, follow your hunches as they are likely to be right.


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