Weekly Horoscope 23rd -29th June 2014


Here is your weekly horoscope for the week starting Monday 23rd June. Have a great week!

This is a week of new beginnings, although a friend may show some opposition to what you start, especially if it is a new relationship. You have a lot of good luck around moving or buying a house – it seems that you will get a bargain, although it may be in a very different location than you are used to.

This week brings the right planetary vibes for you to get your fitness regime on track. Even if the thought of going to the gym makes you ill, try long walks in the sunshine or going for a swim. It is really all about finding something you enjoy and can stick to. Travel stars are looking good – so start packing!

You have excellent stars for relationships and intimacy, so if you are single get out and meet some new people as with these stars you are likely to find love. Catching up with old friends you haven’t seen for a long time will bring a lot of happiness and nostalgia – even if it is only on facebook.

This will be a very busy week. Expect to run around like a maniac while trying to talk, text and keep on top of your work schedule and appointments at the same time. By the weekend you will be able to chill out and take it easy, although a last- minute invitation could lead to romance on Saturday night.

The focus this week is all about working behind the scenes rather than making big progress or getting recognition for your efforts. It is likely that you will be busy helping out a friend on the weekend. Even though the timing is awkward stick it out, as you will need them to return the favour in future.

Be careful not to blow things out of proportion when dealing with your loved one this week. Although for some Geminis, your current stars could make your need for freedom more tempting than biting your tongue for the sake of peace. A break away from your usual routine could be just what you need.

Your life and home may feel like it is full of junk and other people’s mess, making you feel cranky and overwhelmed. The stars are right for a good clean out of all the things that drag you down and clutter up your world. Get a strict friend to help you be ruthless while you sort out your treasures.

You will be too busy to take any garbage from anyone this week – not that Scorpios are known for their patience with idiots anyway. You will be under a fair bit of pressure to produce the goods on time at work, just don’t take your frustration out on those closest to you. Make Sunday a relaxation day.

You will be happy to start making some real progress at work – even if nothing has actually changed yet, you will be able to tell you are on the right track and getting it right at last. It seems you may have to develop some balance in your eating and exercise as minor health troubles are possible.

Your mind will be on money and what you value this week, especially shared finances, investments and loans. Make sure everything is very clear before you sign any paperwork which involves other people, as there are misleading influences around you and it may cause problems long term.

This is going to be a busy week, but you will be glad because it means that you are finally getting somewhere with a project or person. Think outside the box and take a risk when looking for solutions to career problems, as following the crowd or accepted rules wont give the big results you want.

Are you ready for some honesty? Because with this weeks’ stars you will finally be able to see the truth of a situation and where you really stand. This may come in a sudden moment of clarity, or perhaps someone will feel the need to set you straight. It may hurt at the time, but will be for the best long term.





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