Weekly Horoscope: 9 – 15 June 2014


Monday again -here is your horoscope for the week beginning 9 June 2014. Hope you have a great week!

It is time for you to clear out the old and make room for some exciting new energy in your life. For some this will mean finally ending an off and on situation which has been holding you back and causing confusion. Smart Aries will turn their old clothes and junk into cash by selling them online.


Taurus people in established relationships will have a lot of decisions to make about shared finances or possibly buying a house. Talk things through very carefully as you need to be sure you are both ready to commit for the long haul before you sign anything. Work will be even happier and more enjoyable than usual.


Relationships are highlighted this week, with emotions and passion reaching a peak on Friday night. New relationships may develop into a strong commitment. You may feel that work is a real drag at times, as you really feel like hiding away from the world, not dealing with customers and bosses.


With your stars it is likely that you will finally get something you have wanted for a long time. The question is – do you still want it or was it just the thrill of the chase? This will be especially true if love and lust are involved. Professionally you may get the opportunity to attend a conference or special meeting. 


An old health issue may come back this week, making you feel tired and grumpy. Having lots of rest and eating properly will help you to feel better and cheer up. A surprise trip away will make the weekend a lot of fun, with the possibility of meeting a new love interest demanding an emergency shopping spree. 


Home and family are the focus for this week. You could be feeling like a total homebody this weekend, making it a great time for cooking up a storm and opening your home to your family and friends. Romance may come to single Virgo people through a work mate or at your place of work.


Try to stick to the facts when having arguments this week as being a drama queen about the small stuff could cause big trouble. Issues from your past may be having more of an influence on how you feel than you realize. Talking things over with someone you trust could give you the insight you need right now. 


Using sweetness and charm will get you a lot further in both love and work this week, no matter how much you want to tear someone to shreds. Just bite your tongue and smile if you have to deal with idiots. Your girlfriends will give you a new perspective on an old problem if you open up and say how you really feel. 


The full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday will bring a lot of energy and excitement into your life. It is time to show the world the real you and not hide your true self behind rules and obligations – or excuses. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes if you feel frustrated about their attitude.


The focus is on your creative side this week. Even if you don’t have any artistic talent, you will make one of your ideas a reality; showing to others just how good you can be when it counts. A friend you once helped through a difficult time may leave you feeling let down when they seem too busy to return the favour. 


You may be torn between the safe, loving predictability of an established relationship and the dangerous excitement of someone tempting. It is the freedom and the opportunity to be a bit wild that has got you so crazy. Make sure the fun you have is worth the consequences as it may not last. 


Your career sector is very lucky right now so you should have good luck with charming your boss or an interview panel with your personality. If you have done the hard work to back your words a new job or promotion is on the cards. Spending quality time with your best girlfriends will bring lots of laughs and entertaining gossip.




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