Weekly Horoscope: 2 -9 June 2014


Here is your weekly horoscope for the week starting Monday 2nd June. Hope you enjoy it!

A secret crush or romance may take a step forwards this week. Be very careful – especially if you already have a partner – as things may not be quite as they seem. An excellent week for talking about new ideas for positive changes, maybe this could be a new lifestyle or home renovations.


This is a very romantic week for you as Venus, planet of love moves through Taurus. Wednesday night may see a dream come true for you – perhaps literally as your intuition is running overtime at the moment! Some unexpected expenses may crop up – possibly to do with technology or phones.


This is a great week for spending time with your friends. Single people may meet a new romantic interest through a friend – so if someone wants to set you up on a date say yes! Financially things may take a step backwards, making you postpone something until later when money is flowing more freely.


You may have to go back and tie up some loose ends before you can move on with what you want to do. This will turn out to be a good thing as you will have more time to think things through and plan ahead. This will increase your chances of getting the outcome you want, the way you want it.


There is a lot of behind the scenes activity going on this week. Maybe you will be asked to keep a secret which could make you feel uncomfortable- especially if it involves a friend’s relationship. Things should be a lot happier at work, where you may be given some appreciation and thanks from your boss.


This is not a good week for taking action on an issue that has been bugging you, as the time is not quite right yet. You would be better channelling your excess energy into your home and garden, getting all the small jobs done that you never have the time or energy for normally.


Career matters may seem a bit confusing. There could be a lot of rumours going around, but the truth is it appears no one really knows what is going on, so just ignore it and keep on as usual. Travel and new people will be very appealing over the next month – even if it is just watching travel shows on TV.


Venus, the planet of love is in your relationship zone at the moment – so make the most of it by putting some romance back into your marriage or partnership. Focus on the good points and why you first chose them – spending a romantic night at home or going away will rekindle the spark between you.


Your day to day work is looking as though it will be pleasant and free from stress, making the 9-5 days go quicker and happier. Pets are good energy for you at the moment, so lavish some attention on your furry friend – or buy one if you like the idea of sharing your home with a loving fur child. 


Communication with your partner may be a bit more tricky after Saturday, so if there is something stewing away that you need to talk about, do it before then. On the whole though your relationships with others should be good, you may even receive something with either sentimental or financial value. 


Home is where the heart is this week, so enjoy spending time just taking pleasure in your space and your family. It seems that everyone will get on without drama. You may start on a redecorating or gardening project – something which will make your environment more beautiful and harmonious. 


Children will be a source of joy and stress this week. Make sure you get to the bottom of any stories that sound ‘off’ when talking with your children – it may be that there is a secret that you should know about. Money is looking good, there may even be some unexpected windfalls and small wins.


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