Frequently Asked Questions About Psychic Readings


Many people are curious and have thought about getting a psychic readings but are too nervous or don’t know what to expect, so they put it off or decide not to get one. Here is a list of questions people ask me about readings – but don’t forget you can always send me an email or call me if you want to know more.How is a private reading with a psychic or astrologer different to reading my horoscope?
A horoscope in a magazine is very general and only focuses on one planet – the Sun. I have written horoscopes since 1993 and they can be very good for general guidance – but if you really want something that is focussed only on you and what you want to know about, a reading will give you much more information and guidance than you will ever get in a horoscope. The personal touch – either in person or through technology like phones and email, gives me the ability to tune into the client as an individual, making the guidance much clearer and unique to them.


My life is in crisis, can a psychic reading help me?
Many people come for readings when they are in crisis, at a crossroads or are just very confused and upset by the changes in their lives. A reading can help you to see the way forward, understand why the crisis is happening and how to get the best outcome and growth from the experience. Often what has seemed like the end of the world can be an opportunity for positive growth and change. Although sometimes just getting the answers to what is driving you mad and keeping you awake worrying can often be a great relief.


Can a psychic reading really help with relationship problems?
Love and relationships are why most people come for readings. A psychic reading can help you to find out how to get through your problems, whether you should stay or leave or who you are supposed to be with. A reading can give you the clarity you need for your present relationship, resolve issues from past loves and/or find out how you are going to meet you next love and what they will be like.


How do you do the psychic reading? What do I have to do in the reading?
If I am giving a psychic tarot reading in Hobart, I will get the client to shuffle the cards while thinking about their life and the things they want to know about. It is important that they shuffle for as long as they need, as this is how their energy is put into the cards. Then I take the cards and place them in a spread and using my psychic ability read what the cards hold for the person.


For email and phone psychic readings I do the card shuffling while holding the person’s energy in my mind. I tune in very carefully to their energy and only stop when the message comes through that it is ready. Then I spread and read the cards as in a private reading.


Do the online and phone psychic readings work or do you need to be there in person?
Modern technology has opened up a whole new world for psychics and their clients, as with training and practice it is very easy to give a proper psychic reading over the phone or by email. I have been doing psychic phone readings since 2000 and email readings since 2004, so I have had lots of practice and can honestly say that readings using technology are just as accurate as face to face – and a lot more convenient for busy people and for interstate and overseas clients.


Will you tell me I’m going to die or other bad things?
It is very bad ethics to tell someone they are going to die – it is totally against the rules to predict anyone’s death unless it has already been professionally diagnosed by a medical specialist – like with terminal illnesses etc. If anyone predicts death for you in a reading they should be avoided in future as they are not playing by the rules (and are nearly always wrong).


Sometimes problems and negative things will come up in a reading, but there will always be a solution given and a way to work through them. I will never tell someone something bad and then send them out of the door – I will always help them to find the best way forwards.


How do I pay for my psychic reading? Is it secure?
My email and phone psychic readings are payable by credit card. I will process the card online and the Commonwealth Bank will send you an email receipt for your financial records.


For private psychic readings in Hobart, Tasmania, I usually accept cash or the reading can be paid by credit card as above.




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